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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I haven't actually watched OC yet so correct my if I'm wrong, but doing an NYC-esque revamp seems drastic when the fan reaction I've seen has largely been "drop Jen and bring back Tamra". They got stuck between a rock and a hard place with NYC which is why rebuilding that show from the ground up made sense. I don't get the impression that OC is in the same place.

    The only reason I say this is I'm getting scared that they're readily throwing so many iconic Housewives out the window for the sake of refreshing things nn.
  2. The solutions seems so obvious, which means Bravo will never do it! A.k.a. fire Dr. Deaddi and Gina, bring back Tamra and have Vicki as a Friend Of.
  3. Too many people will be out if Vicki gets brought back and Bravo know it.
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  4. Keep Heather, Shannon, Noella and Emily, bring back Tamra, two more new Housewives (one a friend of Noella's) and let Brown Wind and Detective King be friends of...

    It's that easy
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  5. Bravo wants to save money too. They won't pay what it takes to get Vicki and Tamra back. The New York exodus is as much about saving money (and demoting older women so they can ruthlessly chase a younger demographic) as it is about 'refreshing' the show.
  6. Vicki won't return as a friend either, it's why she left because they offered her the same again for season 15.
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  7. Vicki was so pressed about Boring Wind and it was iconic!
  8. The thing is... Bravo thought they were getting a loving wife and husband who had an unconventional but supportive family. They were tricked, really. A year later and she was trying to help Shannon's daughter score good drugs and battering her husband. It wasn't the arc anyone expected, least of all the producers. They got rid of Vicki and ended up with someone nearly as bad, if not worse.
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  9. Sometimes I remember that post-show Gretchen QAnossi wrote SAVE THE CHIDREN(sic!) on a protest-sign and paraded it around OC and I have to chuckle. Why did non of her girl friends tell her..?

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  10. I am just now watching part 1 of the reunion and am only 10 minutes in and Emily is getting on my nerves already. Is she secretly Noella’s ex husbands lawyer or something? Jees.
  11. Honestly , if they’re planning to scrap this. Give us the Season 11 cast for the final season.

    Girls, how fantastic was Season 11? Back to back flawless episodes. (Kelly Dodd had the greatest ever debut, and I stick by what I said the best ever RHOC casting).

    The god tier :

    1. Season 11
    2. Season 9
    3. Season 14

    I really hope they aren’t going to do what they’re doing with RHONY with this. I truly feel there’s life left in OC. I’ll keep you guys updated if I hear anything.
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  12. I’m prepared to be nailed to the cross like Jesus was for saying this, but I think I need Vicki back.
    I miss her psychotic, twisted and delusional ass on my TV. She gave us an excuse to hate watch this show rather than just hate the show. Vicki and Tamra being wheeled in on scooters is just the deranged air the show needs and I say that as someone who cannot stand her, cannot stand her family, her ethics (or lack of), her love tank, none of it.

    Give us:
    Taylor Armstrong
    + Keni and Meghan King Edmonds as friends of and let the mud sling please.

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  13. Vicki in the van during Season 14 covered in cake crying on command just so she has an excuse to say she hasn't retaliated against Kelly by telling everyone she heard Kelly pushed her mom down the stairs is the exact brand of trash behavior that will have me dumpster diving for this city.
  14. Every time Vicki shrieks at the top of her lungs I get serotonin.
  15. Every time Vicki shrieks at the top of her lungs an OC Angel gets its wings.
  16. Honestly, bring back Vicki and Braunwyn. I have no moral compass.
  17. My dream cast is Vicki, Tamra, Gretchen, Heather, Shannon, Kelly, Braunwyn, Noella. Chaos!
  18. Hmmm based on this page it looks like more girlies will be IN for Vicki than OUT. The Gunvalstans came back to bite!
  19. We deserve historical documentation of the karmic retribution Victoria Gunvalson faces anytime she appears in front of a camera!





  20. My fave
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