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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Now this would really be Whooping It Up™ for season 17.
  2. For someone who had such a strong season Emily sure has come across poorly this reunion. Her telling Shannon to butt out when she's inserted herself into every argument in both parts of the reunion was like, Wendy levels of lacking self awareness.

    This was probably Shannon's strongest reunion? She really let the trash take itself out with Gina (that smile when Gina said she'd never let a man talk to her like that) and stood up for Noella just enough to let Noella hold her own in her first reunion. I can't believe I'm stanning this woman like this!

    Andy almost ruined the reunion with his clear bias for Heather but otherwise the second part was quite a bit stronger for me. Noella's grin after the segment of her fighting with everyone but Shannon was a subtle highlight.
  3. Fire everyone but Shannon, Noella and Heather. You have been gaslighting yourselves over Emily being good for a while now, and i am going to say just because she is more bearable than Gina, doesn’t mean she is entertaining.
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  4. Between his slight lisp and Mr Puppers
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  5. The way I SCREAMED when the Dr. Jen impression started
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  6. "Noella, if we to meet again...."

    Heather's arognance shoukd have just earned Queenella a second season
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  7. Dead. Aside from Emily those impressions were spot on.
  8. This lady ate.
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  9. Nn I have a feeling Heather is not going to be happy about this.
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  10. Kelly really fumbled the bag. She came in swinging, had people on her side, was on track to becoming a major fan favourite and then her garbage views really destroyed any goodwill she had with Bravo and fans.
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  11. Kelly had the entire fanbase on her side at the end of season 14. Not only did she have a great season but she truly won the war after successfully killing off the Tres Amigas, taking a sword and cutting off the head of the DemiGunvalson..

    ..only to blow it all 2 seconds later in season 15. Mess. A shame because I (and this thread) really stanned Kelly!
  12. Jeff Lewis is also garbage.
  13. I rewatched Season 14 recently. And I honestly still stand by that it was the right time for Tamra and Vicki to go.

    They literally became unbearable to watch. And I genuinely think both of them, was playing up to the cameras a lot that season. By the end I was just exhausted by both of them.

    I was absolutely rooting for Kelly throughout. And she had the entire fanbase on board that season. Only to destroy it a season later.

    Season 15 was truly a disaster. They filmed for just three weeks. They didn’t really get a fair shot. I personally think they should’ve paused during Covid, or just started from fresh.

  14. Please be quiet…I am praying.
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  15. Doing the rounds on Twitter. Haven’t heard anything, but wouldn’t be surprised.
  16. Obviously Dr Jen has been fired right???

    PS sometimes I think the producers leak these stories so the girls Step Up
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  17. Gina's time to go is now, the show needs to move away from Emilina as a duo. Dr Jen should be given one month to do something interesting to keep her orange, or be edited out. Bring someone back and throw two new women in the ring and let's get it poppin.

  18. ( I just don’t understand the decision to bring Jen back )
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  19. I'm still bitter that New York has scrapped the iconic cast completely and yet OC still keeps the same people on and on and on.
  20. RHOC had so many big cast changes in the last three years.
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