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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Doesn't sound like Tamra will be back then, mess!
  2. God, I’d take Gina over Jen at the very least.
  3. [​IMG]

    But also happy for Queenella

    The brain rot over at Bravo.
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  5. DR. FUCKING JEN???????
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  6. People on Twitter seem to think the returning cast member could be Jesus Jugs? We still need Tamra, but the concept of an Alexis/Shannon/Noella alliance against Heather would be so chaotic I kind of love it.
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  7. The kitchen sign that says "gather" finally being dismantled after FIVE!! sneezeons.
  8. Stormy Shaniels WON, Gina Casita LOST
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  9. Tamantha said not so fast!!! There’s still hope.
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  10. Tamarsupial said hold my cyst and deceased...
  11. There's no way Tamra isn't back. On Carlos King's podcast, she said she's talked to Andy and that she has something to film soon and Andy told her to make sure production knows about it for scheduling purposes. Unless there's some last minute issues in regards to pay or something, they're definitely giving her a contract.
  12. Andy will be receiving a cyst and deceased from ME personally if he doesn't bring my birth giver back.....
  13. I want Tamra back but I honestly don’t want to see Ryan on my screen ever again. I fast forward every moment that has to do with him.
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  14. I bet she would be gone but Heather demanded a 'yes person' on the cast for her.
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  15. Gina has apparently told a fan over DM that she wasn’t demoted… sowhatisthetruth.gif
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  16. The truth is we’ll end up with the same cast and season 17 will be carried by Heather alleging Shannon sold her daughter edibles!

  17. Give Tamra a contract and get the camera rolling.
  18. We need Stormy Shaniels and Tamrat to team up to take the Dubrow’s down!!
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