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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Truly. It’s probably why Heather is trying to push to get Alexis on the show now instead, because she knows it’s likely bravo would only bring one past wife back full time.
  2. Tamra talking about Shannon to get back on the show amounting to


    A Shannon/Tamra alliance is so much more exciting than Heather/Tamra which was only really fun when it was at the expense of the betas. I just know Noella/Tamra would run the gamut of friends, frenemies, and nemeses before the mid-season trailer.
  3. Heather's snobbery is only tolerable when there is absolute chaos around her, as in that context her uptight, pithy demeanor looks relatively sane in comparison. Without a monsoon of toxic personality traits circling around her, she's just a boring and rich nobody.

    An example of this is Bow-Gate; Heather was totally reactive and neurotic with the situation but with the drunken insanity erupting around her, she looked like the voice of reason and it was a captivating balance; from Tamra immediately screaming I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING to Alexia trying to Alexiasplain the situation, to Jeana Keough trying to shove her way into the camera, to Sarah having a full-on meltdown in Heather's kitchen...iconic television was made.
  4. Even a broken clock is right twice a day:

    Putting my lemons and oranges in a prayer circle to manifest The Legend of Tammy Sue returns!

  5. Feuding with Heather publicly and starting to make amends with Shannimal…Tamra is already producing the storylines for next year - if Bravo doesn’t give her a fucking contract already!
  6. They’ll no doubt give Lydia a 3 year centre orange contract instead.
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  7. I've started OC (at Season 7 because I have to draw the line SOMEWHERE)
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  8. Honestly Seasons 9-11 of RHOC are up there with RHONY 7-10 as my favorite run of consecutive seasons across all of Housewives. It can be incredibly hit or miss (and sometimes downright awful, nn) on either side of that stretch but Shannon’s arrival, Cancergate, and then Kelly’s arrival in 3 consecutive seasons…what a moment.
  9. All together now...

    I feel for the kids, though.
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  10. The fact this probably just bagged her another silent season

  11. I wonder if Mr Puppers is named in the proceedings
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  12. My worst nightmare. Sitting through an entire season of Jen crying about her divorce. Already over it.
  13. This basically guarantees that she's coming back, which means we truly need Tamra more than ever. Who else is going to ask the questions like "is it true you separated from Ryne to get back with your billionaire ex, so he could pay off all of the lawsuits against your medical practice?"
  14. I only watched 7 episodes and I was sick of her. I cannot watch a full season of her whining about the divorce. She's so boring.
  15. I’ve decided that Jesus Jugs is one of the funniest Housewives ever and no one is talking about her enough. Her trampoline park, her news anchor career, her begging Jim to buy a Prius because her other 7 cars weren’t environmentally friendly enough, her story about almost dying during childbirth. I’m ironically (but not ironically) stanning.
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  16. Filming is said to begin end of June… prayer circle for Tamrat, girls! (I feel like it’s not happening).
  17. Ok but on Carlos King's podcast, Tamra said that she had another TV opportunity filming in May and June and she told Andy/production if they are starting filming at the end of June that would line-up with when Tamantha is becoming available again...
  18. Now Bravo can use the White Lady Promo Fund to start this campaign for Tampossun:
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  19. No surprises here but our first two confirmed cast members for Season 17 are Heather and Shannon.
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