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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I don’t agree with Heather having this much power, however would I miss Noella? Not really. She had a strong start, and I found myself initially enjoying her. Towards the end of the season, I found her to be extremely fake. She for sure took notes off Braunwyn. I’m glad they’re taking their time with casting, they know it’s vital that they get it right.

    Emily’s friend is the most favoured at this point to get cast. Heather is really pushing for her friend though. So we will shall see what happens.


    are pretty much certain to return. Think it’s the right decision for Gina to be demoted. Emily will be much more enjoyable, without Gina around as much. I do however think Gina should be completely out.
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  2. Noella is the only thing resembling a saving grace this show currently has.
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  3. Heather is not new to this - she must know that if she's going to position herself as the queen bee, she needs an adversary to legitimise that. It's fucking Housewives.

    Noella does seem like a Braunwyn 2.0, but Braunwyn was let go way too early in my opinion and should have been kept for season 16. Noella and Shannon were a fun duo, I'm not opposed to Emily coming back either. Gina should 100% be reduced or fired.

    Of all the cities, OC has the most former Housewives they could bring back: Vicki, Tamra, Gretchen, Alexis, Megan, Kelly, Braunwyn... I'd love to see any of them return.

  4. Guess the rumours are true ?

    All I can say, is that if they can’t figure something out. Cancel it. And give us RHOC LEGACY.

    Vicki , Tamra , Alexis , Gretchen , Heather , Shannon , Kelly

    and let them kill each other. They’re all so unlikeable in so many ways, but each and every one of them would deliver.
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  5. It’s wild enough when they give a top tier housewife so much power! But Heather?!? She’s not Bethenny!

    How do they let one person refuse to film with 4-5 potential cast members? Let her walk! There’s plenty of legacy wives to throw back in.

    I’d rather have Noella terrorizing Dr teddy and Ms small house than a season of everyone bowing to Heather
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  6. Just... bring Tamra back.
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  7. I fucking loathe Heather now and I was entirely indifferent to her before her return so...mission....accomplished?
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  8. They can't as Heather won't let them.
    Honestly fuck off Heather
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  9. Fancy Pants vs. Tamrat is what we need with a side of Shannon's anxiety. Heather needs a skilled rival to actually work and without one, she's bland and boring.
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  10. The Evil Heather Dubrow must be abolished!!!
  11. I loved Heather. She was always my favorite OC wife but this season and her antics have completely soured me on her. She needs her ego checked.
  12. Heather is not even a good at her job like girl just fire her and get Tamra back you already know she'll turn on Shannon in matter of 15 seconds like we'll get drama!
  13. The thought of Bravo/Evolution siding with Heather over the combined forces of Noella, Tamra, Shannon, and Nicole...why are they so BAD at their jobs!!!
  14. Coming back from a week-long vacation and saw this post... I need another one IMMEDIATELY.
  15. This is inexplicable. Shannon needs to run, otherwise Heather will assassinate her character in every episode, including the clip show at the end.
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  16. Im curious what that quote tweet said! It's now deleted.
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  17. The word on the street (Twitter) is that Noella's been fired. We'll have to wait and see if it's true.
  18. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo
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  19. I can’t. Heather, Shannon, Emily, Gina, Dr Jen and a friend of Emily’s or Heather’s is a worse cast than season 15.
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