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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. If Noella is out and Dr. Jen is back, I'm boycotting.
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  3. Shannon needs to bring back that early season energy if Noella is gone, she's our only hope of giving fancy pants a run for her money now.
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  4. I will officially quit this one if Noella is out.
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  5. Let's watch the ratings do a RHONY Season 13. Seriously, I sense a severe collapse in the viewership week by weeeeeek. No reunion. Farewell flops!
  6. Yeah I've been pretty easy on the OC ladies but if we lose the best new casting for an established city since Jennifer Aydin I'll be tossing my orange in the garbage.

    Tamra is too good for this.
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  7. Noella provided them with their only drama last season and Dr. Jen blended in with the background at the reunion. The reason for this is obvious, but why is Bravo accepting this?

    It’s wild because it was so obvious they were going to bring Tamra back, but everything has changed for the worst. It’s sad to see OC going out sad like this.
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  8. I think the tea posted a few pages back was definitely true. Filming was set to begin in early June and it's about to be July, Heather's playing hardball and killing the show.

    If there's no Tamra or any decent cast changes, the new season will bomb.
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  9. It’s crazy to me how different the show would have been had Nicole stuck around.
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  10. Noella instead of Gina and her shoulders? She was the only redeeming factor of the previous season. Like how can they be that blind?
  11. The fact they’re probably paying Heather a huge sum of money to kill the show is…something.

    Who’s the former wife that’s now in talks to return?
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  12. Heather wants Alexis back, so since she's the Executive Producer, I would imagine that is who they're trying to get back. I'm not convinced Alexis will work in the modern era though. I thought she was very much a housewife of the time and with that cast with Vicki, Tamra and Gretchen. Also her wacky husband was a big part of her appeal. I feel like she'd be another lukewarm return like Heather.

    The problem is that they don't have a star, a producer. Housewives like Vicki and Tamra (and Noella and Kelly) understand they're filming a show and know how to keep the story going. They need someone who can drive the narrative and carry bones.
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  13. It's brain worms of the most severe and terminal kind to fire Noella and give boring-ass Heather, who lives in the world's largest Cheesecake Factory, any kind of creative control.
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  14. I’ve mentioned it before in this thread but given the positive reception to Taylor Armstrong on RHUGT, the fact she lives in Orange County now, and her being friends with Tamra and Vicki…the only way to fix this rotted show if they truly fired Noella is to give both Tamra and Taylor oranges next season. Those two plus Shannon, Heather, Emily, a couple of newbies, and a guest spot from Vicki could maybe work.
  15. Taylor going over to the the OC, and her bringing in Camille as a guest!!!!

    Make It Happen!!!
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  17. A disaster.
  18. Jen also confirmed on Instagram that she’s out.
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  19. Not a disaster.
  20. I'm so confused about Noella going? I just read on Twitter that producers were testing two of her friends and now there is a delay in filming as a result of her being out - so why bother testing her friends if she wasn't coming back?

    Unless they are bringing back Tamra and another veteran then bin it. Noella wasn't my favourite housewife in the world but she was delivering something.
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