The Real Housewives of Orange County

Hopefully that inspires them to finally release the trailer. We know it’s been ready. It’s really bizarre they only have New Jersey filming with multiple completed HWs shows just sitting there. I hope it’s not a case where we get low quality leaks of the cast photo or trailer.
She's the worst. I'm sorry. I know she's "good tv" but she's a horrible human being. COVID-denying, batshit crazy... mess.
She's the worst. I'm sorry. I know she's "good tv" but she's a horrible human being. COVID-denying, batshit crazy... mess.
"The Internet says a Unicorn's gonna show up!!!"

The Unicorn Doronda slurred about...
Emily was on Tamra/Teddi's podcast. She's in a great place with Tamra, they hype up the season and discuss Taylor and new Housewife Jennifer. Emily says Jennifer is an enigma and she's still confused about her. They also seemingly confirmed that Taylor is definitely just a friend, it even sounds like she didn't actually film all that much save for the all-cast events - no solo scenes or even many one-on-one scenes.
I was catching up on my trash aka Jeff Lewis Live and Shannon was on as it was her and Jeff’s birthday last Friday.

She dropped several bombs.
1) We are probably looking at a late May/Early June premiere. Producers are still deep in editing and thinks it’s going to be a longer than usual season.
2) The women are going in for ANOTHER round of confessionals.
3) There is A LOT of story to tell this season. Shannon and Tamra ending their feud and reuniting, Tamra and Shannon vs Gina and Emily, the new wife Jenn has A LOT of baggage in her life that comes to the forefront on the show, Vicki returning and a big Tres Amigas reunion trip, Taylor and Gina feuding and then of course, Heather and her bs looming over everything.
4) Taylor really brings it but she’s only present on cast trips and then a few scattered lunches/dinners.
5) Thinks it’s gonna be their best season ever.
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The trailer is definitely edited and done, and news outlets have already written about it waiting to go, but Bravo are holding them off. Seemingly, like RHOA premiering in May and being announced today, it’s supposedly still also premiering in May as I mentioned a few months ago, so I’d guess at least another week of waiting on this. The wives themselves haven’t been told the release date (and they’re frustrated by it), hence Tamra’s post yesterday