The Real Housewives of Orange County

I’m gonna cry literal tears because Tamra is back!!! I manifested her return like I did Shereé’s.. *Jackie voice* I WIN.

What day does it premiere?

Your Trifecta of Mess will be complete when Bravo announce Duchess Danielle has staub-ed The Gorgas to snatch Maleficent's shrivelled tomato from ha claws!
I just finished season 8 and I’m about to go into the reunion episodes. It’s a bit of a strange one, I can kinda see why Gretchen and Alexis were let go.

Alexis definitely felt separate to the group that I don’t think it was sustainable and Lydia was a poor casting choice to try and bridge that gap.

Gretchen I’ve enjoyed but Slade becoming her main storyline is a bit of a snooze. Having said that, I much prefer Gretchen to Vicki any day of the week.
I’ll never not mourn the loss of Noella, but I’m so glad it’s finally time, Orange Hunties!

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I'm more excited for this premiere than I have been for Housewives since like, UGT2 premiered I think? I'm actually liking the current season of Atlanta but it feels like the franchise is in need of a legitimate return to form with at least one city.