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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Not to mention the Tres Diablas are delusional enough to think they could go on a national tour!
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  2. They're mad. Who wants to see three evil/misguided/hateful people talk about cancer scams and microwave meals?
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  3. The reunion too. Imagine Gina giving anyone advice about mispresenting their marriage on TV! Poor Emily.
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  4. Just finished part 3 of the reunion. The aggressive homophobia coming from Vicki was so uncomfortable to watch, I really felt for Braunwyn there but nice to see Andy somewhat standing up for her. I don't think in 2019 she should get away with screaming at a bisexual woman to "pick a lane." Even if the heavily conservative audience doesn't "get" Braunwyn, I think it's good (and healthy!) that she has an open dialogue regarding sex & sexuality with her children, especially with one of them coming out to her. The little Trumpettes can't relate.

    It definitely feels like the producers are done with Vicki, that edit she received was brutal. Andy specifically could barely stomach her. Personal biases aside, I just don't see how she'll go back to full-time status next season. She's 100% getting cut.
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  5. Also for someone who clearly wants to be back full time, maybe Vicki shouldn't be a raging egomaniacal sociopath towards production? Just a thought!
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  6. I haven't seen Andy have this much blatant contempt for a housewife since the season 10 RHONY reunion with Carole. He made it clear he just doesn't like her and it appears the same here. Vicki's blatant homophobia makes it hard to ironically stan her.
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  7. I know it’s bad to attack people on their appearance but...

    what a moment. The “hahahahaha huhuhuhuhu hahahahaha” at the end... Wig.
    (Don’t look at the replies, they are full of Little Gunvalsters... Can’t relate.)
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  8. Her coming for Braunwyn that way really got to wtf. People to this day won't get off Lydia's neck because of her comments at the drag show and while we obviously have very different views, she wasn't nasty about it like Vicki is. (I am prepared to die on this mountain alone that Lydia was enjoyable her first season and she gets an unfair percentage of the blame for her 2nd season being boring.---I lived for sweet Lydia instantly hating Shannon and not giving a f*** about it.) I don't see why more people don't seem to be that upset with what Vicki has said---and this is far from her first offense. Homophobia runs rampant in all the franchises---and it seems that the OGs that scream its "their show" like Vicki and Nene are the biggest offenders. I am so glad that Vicki was kicked off the couch before Braunwyn told the story about one of her children coming out to her, as I know Vicki would have said something horrible and I don't want anybody's kid to be subjected to that.

    Cut Vicki and Gina (I like you girl, but you need to get your life together off camera)--give Meghan Vicki's friend of role, add 2 newbies that already know each other and let them decide who they want to align with in the Tamra/Shannon vs Kelly/Emily war---Braunwyn will stay in the middle, but with Vicki and Gina gone, Tamra will try her hardest to get her to side with them.
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  9. Vicky and Lydia are both gross in different ways.
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  10. I always admired the cool manner in which Lydia disparaged and dispatched Heather Dubrow, even though Lydia was equally as unlikable.
  11. I really do not understand how Andy sits there and just lets Vicki attack Braunwyn and not calls her on her shit: she is homophobic at her core. She has been for seasons. Between trying to out Eddie and now attacking Braunwyn because she's bisexual (?), Vicki has just now started to blatantly show her true colors.

    Also, fuck Andy for bringing up Naked Wasted again and not calling it what it really was: attempted date rape. Instead this clown laughs it off like he always does. It's disgusting.

    Anyways, fire Tamra and Vicki. Demote Gina, she 's gonna need the little friend of check while she's going through the divorce. Bring back Heather and Meghan or Gretchen.
  12. Part of the problem is Andy’s trash too.

    Vicki’s obviously evil and beyond repair but she’s also highkey camp and ripe for parody. Like, the being nailed to the cross like Jesus quote...*chef’s kiss*. The absolute delusion of it all. Expose the underbelly of Christian America a bitsy!!
  13. This fucking piece! I was HOWLING. Someone tweet it to Vicky. SHE WILL DIE.
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  15. I have to say watching Emily hobbling after Vicki asking for a hug and being blatantly ignored really depressed me.
  16. Emily knows better than to hug Vicky WOLFSMITH - so it's what she deserves.

    To be honest, I'm beginning to really stan Emily - she has the potential to be fucking iconic in a messy way and highly stannable for her reads.

    Never forget:


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  17. Kelly is a one of the greatest current Housewives in my opinion. Well if you don’t count the All Star cast of NYC, of course.
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  18. After watching the reunion, I believe that Shannon , Kelly , and Emily will all return. The viewers will want to see Shannon and Kelly’s new partners, the ‘different side to Emily’ we haven’t seen, and if her marriage will last. I think all three already have strong storylines for next season.

    Vicki had an awful edit, and in the way they edited Gina speaking of Matt and the events that happened, it kind of felt that they wrapped her story up. So I would bet on those two getting the axe.

    I like Braunwyn, but I’m unsure if she is needed. Tamra should be demoted. But how Andy claims there’s a big shake up, and new blood for next season I think she potentially could be out completely.

    A fan claims on Twitter that Emily, Gina and Braunwyn are on the chopping block. If this happens it will just be another Kelly gang up. It’s definitely time to remove one or two of the ‘Tres Amigas’.
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  19. Screaming, where can I stream this bop?
  20. What a legend:

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