The Real Housewives of Orange County

Heather devoured them all in that final episode. Her smiling and having a great time with Terry while Tamra seethed in defeat was too good. It's actually scary how little self awareness Tamra possesses. You'd think with how obsessed she is with Housewives that she'd understand how she comes across. She was rattling off all the manipulative ways Heather turns the girls on her, but in reality she was just exposing her arsenal of tricks that she does anytime she gets a chance. The takedown backfired massively.
The way Heather just dismissed Tamra with ease in that final confrontation. I shouted “YES BITCH” at my tv. Tamra was so shook.

Emily and Gina pissed me off. They excuse Tamra’s behavior and attacks on them because she’s been doing it for years and they’re used to it but hold Heather to a different standard? Wake the hell up.

Taylor needs to go to rehab with Shannon. All the ranting or raving and then throwing on her best vocal impression of Miss Finster from Recess made me want to bang my head against a wall.