The Real Housewives of Orange County

This is it, ladies. Now that I am done with RHONY, I am finally strapping in and starting my first ever watch of Orange County. I will probably be very active in this thread for the next few months or so…
You will have a blast! Season one is an experiment but I think they really hit the ground running with season two and it just gets better and better. They did a great job of casting women who just let it all hang out and truly show their lives.
I absolutely loved season one. It felt like a time capsule that perfectly captured the essence of television back then. I love watching my housewives in square format more than anything!

In all seriousness, it was a great start. There was a really sad vibe beneath it all that I found compelling which I assume goes away once the franchise finds its footing and becomes more overproduced. All of the ladies on the cast were interesting, but my heart was breaking for Lauri. It’s also a shame that Kimberly Bryant never came back full time as she was the most promising one of all on the cast (do we know why? was it due to her health?).

All of the children (except for Lauri’s younger daughter) were spoiled rotten and just awful but of course I died every time Shane was on screen.

I am also ready to strap in and enjoy the mess that’s Slade Smiley. The whiplash of him going from Jo to Lauri then back to Jo in the final 30 seconds of the finale… oh that’s good television.
Been watching clips of Season 14 for the past hour, wheww we were FED.

Season 14 is criminally underrated, one of the best ever seasons of all time.





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….Since when? Fans can stamp their feet and moan all they like but there’s no show without Tamra. Watch season’s 15 & 16.

As for ole leather face making her 17th appearance as a guest, Tamra has nothing to worry about. She has and always will hand Vicki her ass to her in an argument.

I’m not saying I want Tamra gone. I’m saying for her big return season she flopped on her face. She tried to take Heather down and it backfired. She brought her own friend on to use as an easy punching bag and that ended up backfiring.

Now she’s aligning herself with Alexis and it too is going to backfire in her face. I hate Vicki more than anyone else in any Housewives franchise but Tamra going up against her and Shannon when the public knows the jist of why Tres Amigas is currently broken up is gonna backfire on her too.
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Howling at the prospect of Shannon turning up to an event with Vicki, Kelly, Lizzie, Gretchen, Simon Barney, Tamra’s estranged daughter, Fernanda Rocha and Noella (just to fuck with Heather nn) bundling out of a limo just to take her down.

Tamra, girl, this is the time you start putting in calls to the woman David cheated with and his on/off new wife Lesley.
If Shannon really wants to demolish Tamra, she needs to bring the original Tamra Slayer back, Jeana.

Jeana: Happy Birthday
Tamra: It's not my birthday...
Jeana: It's your daughter's birthday, remember?

I still hate Bravo didn't want to pay her to stick around. She would've destroyed Tamra with more time.