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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Ddd, the homophobe keeps digging that hole. Braunwyn really got to ha, of all people.
  2. I hope she booked a gay cruise by mistake.
  4. It's...sad. I remember when Vicki tearfully said she would love and accept a gay child during the season 3 reunion. That was a bit forward-thinking for the franchise at that time. And now she's so desperate to get that orange that she's coming across like a homophobic cretin. Her soul really has rotted away.
  5. Vicki really came off terribly and I will be so satisfied if that last rage is the last we see of her on Bravo. After a roller-coaster of liking and disliking Brawnwyn, I think I'd like to see her come back. I feel there's some real potential there as she held her own.
    My only reunion complaint is that I wish they focused a bit more on Tamra and how manipulating she is, it felt like it was totally glossed over and she got away with it (again!). She truly is a snake.
  6. I hope we get to see more of this Emily next season!

    I’m not TALKING TO YOU!!
  7. Correction, she is a homophobic cretin. Her dumb video response only goes to show she doesn’t understand the further discussion at hand either. She’s also massively kink-shaming those in open relationships as well. I wish someone would’ve brought up her alleged sleeping with multiple partners just to really make her face explode.
  8. I want Gina to go too but I feel like the optics of firing her after what happened with her ex might prevent that...
  9. That was my fear, but if you think about it even with a DUI she was incredibly dull this year.
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  10. If getting rid of Gina saves Emily, then I'm fine waving her off. Farewell!
  11. I think this sudden friendship with Kelly has saved Emily for sure or else she’d be a goner (I personally don’t mind Emily).
  12. I AM HOWLING. This is @johnny_tsunami in 30 more years. ASSJSKFFFF
  13. THIRTY???
  15. While we’re on OC songs, homophobic racist Queen Victoria Gunvalson genuinely inspired this Sugar Ray song. Seriously. I remember it being mentioned in press around season 5 and she wouldn’t shut up about it.

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  16. We have neglected to explore Jo De La Rosa being the first in a long line of Housewives to explore a music career:

    Also remember how likeable Gretchen was in the beginning?
  17. I genuinely loved Jo’s album. I can’t even lie. Her voice was shit but she had some bops.
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  18. Gretchen became unlikable? When?

    I think her last season she was really ganged up on by Vicki and Tamra. The Malibu Country crap was stupid but that season really proved to me how fake Tamra and Vicki were.

    Tamra used Gretchen the season before to try and get Alexis fired/to quit and it worked until production got Alexis to agree to come back to stand up for herself.

    Tamra got her friendship with Vicki back and played both sides to get rid of both Gretchen and Alexis and it worked.
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  19. Her relationship with Slade turned me off in a major way. I liked her so much beforehand.
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