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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I will agree that her getting with Slade definitely diminished her for me a bit too. I still enjoy her post show because she stays calling Tamra out on her bullshit.
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  2. Gretchen constantly needing to sell the audience on her relationship & her products towards the end was....sad & painful to watch.
  3. I’ve said this before. If Jo lives in the OC she should come back sans Slade. She’s the ORIGINAL OC QUEEN.
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  4. Gretchen orchestrating that fake engagement four months after filming wrapped to try and stay on the show still makes me cringe to this day. Tamra and Eddie did the same on season 7, but it somehow flowed on the season despite being edited in and they actually got married (nn clearly the big dildo Tamra got on the Mexico hen party swayed his decision to go through with it).

  5. I don’t know how reliable that account is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how things turn out.
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  6. I’d take it with a pinch of salt. They were also adamant that Kelly wasn’t returning for two years in a row.
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  7. Kelly Dodd getting pictured with Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, with the hashtag #I'mNotPoliticalAtaAll is very dark-sided.
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  9. I get that it isn’t her decision who gets invited to someone else’s wedding, but you can easily choose not to take the photo with them or not to post it at least. Ugh.
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  10. I'm sure Browned Wind will be back, orange in-tact. Andy probably has one of Sean's statement necklaces gently swinging from his bed-post as we speak.

    Tamra and Shannon will be back I'm sure, Andy called them "All-Stars". I am also sure Victoria is gone after her antics at the reunion. She'll probably be at a couple of Tamnon's events like how Jeana used to pop up.

    Gina does have a storyline going into next season, possibly more-so than Emily, and I'm actually fine with both of them staying. Maybe we'll just get one new Housewife and MKE as Friend.
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  11. Rewatching the reunion and dying at Vicki saying she wants the cast to be classy and ‘lift people up’. This is the same woman that referred to an Asian client as “Ching Chong China man” and told Mexican workmen to “no scratchy the woody” in earlier seasons. Trash keeps being hypocritical trash and that’s exactly why I’m not ready for the idiot to leave the show just yet.
  12. We stan an inclusive queen.
  13. Kelly hanging out with the president's offspring will make Tres Amigas seethe as well as her own fans.
  14. Brawnwyn’s husband does things to me... I just know he’d treat me well in the bedroom.
  15. Imagine if Kelly marries this Fox News guy and ends up moving to New York, replacing Bethenny as the head honcho that steam rolls everyone. We would get her best friendship with Ramona, her arguing to the death with Dorinda, and her putting LuAnn on blast. It would be incredible.
  16. Pick up emails were sent out today.

  17. I'm not sure I buy it. Andy loves Tamra and she's reality TV gold, I don't think anyone else in the cast is as conniving as her in front of the camera's. Along with being the chief shit-stirrer and she played that part perfectly in season 14. Someone on Twitter also said that Erika Jayne removed Real Housewives from her social media bio's before the cast was announced, it's probably just Tamra keeping fans in suspense. In this era of housewives they usually like to keep one cast member from the old days around.. which would be Tamra.

    With that said, there have been constant reports of a major cast shake up and I can't imagine after all that it would be kept identical? We'll soon see.
  18. I’d be so down for Gina and Tamra to be gone, but I think this is just too soon to be sure yet. If anything this could just be Tamra’s crusty ass trying to get some attention, which is working.
  19. Tamra's replied in IG comments saying people are reading too deeply into it. So that's that.
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