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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Same sis. He's such a dweeb but seems like a total pleaser. He'd probably eat ass for hours.
  2. SCREAM. I stumbled on a soon-to-be fired housewife's instagram and her face is giving me sleep paralysis demon tea's.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. They won't get offers until the middle of this month. We'll start hearing some substantive news then.
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  5. Savage (but brilliant).
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  6. I just came in here to post this. Amazing.
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  7. shocked. Bored already.
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  8. Nah I like Braunwyn and think she held her own and shared enough of herself to earn a second chance. That being said, I do see it as a second chance for a reason - she needs to stand up for herself more and earn a long-term spot with an orange. She can't give us just a repeat of last season. I think she did much better than Emily and Gina in their first seasons.
  9. Oh she was miles better than Gina for sure.
  10. I love Braunwyn. There was NO way they were going to fire her already with her family dynamics, money and Andy is obsessed with her. She’s also supposedly turned her back on Tamra or Shannon since the season finished airing.
  11. Kelly Braunwyn and Emily vs whoever sticks from the tres diablos and some newbies.
  12. I think sometimes it can take a season or two to truly settle in. Braunwyn is open, delivers the right amount of fun/crazy and morally she's a great person, a rarity in the housewives universe. What she needs to do is quit the crying during confrontations (get it together girl) and bring the energy she brought to the fashion show. She seemed to find her groove during the reunion when she spoke up for herself and had a true ally in Kelly.
  13. I finished the last OC season last week and I really liked Braunwyn so I'm happy she is returning for the next season.
  14. I hope the producers don’t miss an opportunity to bring back our favourite



    fashion PR ambassador.
  15. she’s definitely joined the other icons of crazy OC extras like That Rhonda Bitch, Sarah Winchester, the wine toss gay and the lady that wormed her way into every scene of Shannon’s birthday party this season.
  16. Don't do Meglegend King Edmonds like that.
  17. I actually cackled. JUSTICE!

  19. Ddd, I may or may not have had a dream I was drinking the zero calorie, calcium boosting, vegan friendly Positive Beverage in my dream last night. This bitch is a stan! ..I need to stop browsing Bravo instagram accounts before I sleep.
  20. RadarOnline are claiming the contracts sent out offered Tamra, Shannon, Emily, Kelly and Braunwyn contracts, although it also claimed Tamra’s offer was a poor one as she was almost fired. Gina is up in the air on whether they offer her anything at all and Vicki has been given the option of Friend of again. Sometimes I trust RO, sometimes you can tell it’s horseshit.
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