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The Real Housewives of Orange County

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. This incident had to take place at last year's iconic fashion show, right? Stand up to the bullies indeed. Also.. Braunwyn was lit up that day.
  2. I can be as loud as I wanI CAN BE AS LOUD AS I WANT.

    GOD season 14 was so fucking good.
  3. I mean.. in any other job she should definitely be fired. But Braunwyn is such a trashy trainwreck at the moment that I want her, Sean and their girlfriends to be on next season ddd.

  4. it’s honestly up there with Season 11. I loved last season.
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  5. If you can bring Vicki back for four more years after faking cancer, they can bring Braunwyn back. It’s not like Andy himself hasn’t be accused of offering coke out before.
  6. Vicki AND Braunwyn back for OC16 and I shan't hear any other opinions on the matter! If we're going for trash, let's go FULL TRASH, please.
  7. Vicki, Tamra, Braunwyn, Kelly, Shannon, MKE & Gretchen would be demented. I deserve it!

  8. Kelly Dodd scamming her way through season 14 by somehow not being the worst person on the show was a development I did not expect and still kind of can't believe??

    Her horribleness was outshined by the season itself.
  9. So if Braunwyn's offering coke to Shannon's daughter happened last year before she got sober, why did Shannon then become/remain friends with her leading up to this season? Hopefully New Hip has another reunion binder with some receipts/screenshots.
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  10. Also, this season was indeed horrendous on every level, but I maintain that Shannon's freudian slip line of "How dare you accuse me of something I said" is still iconic and deserving of a space within the RHOC pantheon of history.
  11. To be honest, I feel like Shannon is the one coming out of that accusation looking bad. To hold onto that, remaining friends with the person and waiting until a reunion to throw that out after you’ve decided to turn on them? Grasping at straws, honestly.

    A teen drug pusher? Not mad at it, and still makes her a better human than the rest of the barrel-scraping cast.
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  12. Wait, did Braunwyn really offer her drugs? nnd;efbwreg
  13. We’ll find out for sure when the reunion airs tomorrow, but even then it’s an allegation from Shannon, who is responding in frustration to Braunwyn for allegedly spreading the “lie” about her calling Gina’s townhouse small, so I’d still take it with a grain of salt.
  14. I wish Braunwyn would offer me coke
  15. I wish Shawn would offer me hole.
  16. Doesn't the reunion trailer show Braunwyn breaking down, crying and saying sorry for the incident though?
  17. It does, but wouldn't surprise me if: 1) That reaction is edited entirely out on context, or 2) She was so drunk at the time that she doesn't actually remember it happening, and is apologizing to be the bigger person.

    Regardless, Baunwyn is trash, all these women are trash, Vicki & Tamra were trash, none of these people deserve the platform of this show, and I'll repeat that Bravo should just scrap it for good.

  18. Production says what Shannon reveals is something completely different and they don’t know where that rumor came from.
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  19. Not @Jesus Jugs and ha crew...
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  20. I checked out of the season during filming and honestly, after how iconic last season was, I just need the show to be done now. I couldn’t stand Vicki, Tamra or Heather as people, but at least you could hate watch them and they all knew what show they were on. This cast’s like a college class assignment parody of a Housewives show.
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