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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I’m expecting at least two firings from the rumblings Andy was giving. Braunwyn and Kelly have filmed so they’re definitely back.
  2. That Radar article might have Tamra wrong.

    There’s rumblings she’s back but demoted to friend of similar to Vicki. She accepted immediately (Cut Fitness aint paying for that house in the gated community) and Vicki is said to be insulted and still up in the air.
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  3. I’m hopeful that’s the case re Tamra. I have no issue with Shannon sticking around, I feel like she’ll be more palatable without Tamra constantly by her side, but hands down, Tamra will accept any offer of payment they give her so I wouldn’t be surprised if she accepted a demotion immediately.
  4. I think Andy's words have been twisted by the press, all he said was that they have some great people lined but nothing about a "huge cast shake up" which is what the blogs have been pushing. The show's ratings increased throughout the season and the cast worked well together so there's no real reason for a mass cull. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, is Tamra's "demotion" nothing but Twitter gossip and stans wanting rid of her? There's never been any real legs to that rumour and Radar Online would've mentioned it.

    Kelly, Tamra, Shannon, Emily and Braunwyn all make sense to come back. There's still a lot of mileage with the older three and the feud which could go beyond the lawsuit. Emily was brilliant this season and she's finally found her place among the cast. Hire two new wives and bump the cast up to 7, it's a really good number. MKE as a friend.

    I'm re-watching season 14 with a friend and somehow Gina is more irritating upon a second viewing. All that drama and she's still so unlikeable. She can leave. As for Vicki.. I don't think she'll come back.
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  5. It’s not looking good for Emily.

    Kelly told a fan (me) that she and Braunwyn wanted Emily to film with them yesterday, but producers said no.

    Only Kelly and Braunwyn are confirmed as of yet, they filmed yesterday with two new women. The others still haven’t heard anything.
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  6. They'd be mad to put Emily off the show.
  7. Uh oh re Emily... I can't for the life of me think why producers wouldn't want her back? She's down to get into it with her cast-mates, has shared her awful marriage on television, and during the reunion intrigued me with the whole "Shane's not that bad/Emily can be a monster too" angle they were pushing.

    I'm also surprised that Gina is seemingly out if any of the above is to be believed. She just came off of a solid set of storylines in her sophomore season, and now has a new love interest going into the upcoming season. Yes, she's annoying but in a love to hate way.

    Tamra will be back with an orange I'm sure.

    EDIT: Maybe Emily is safe after all?

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  8. The reason I’ve been worried about Emily’s position is because production asked her to try and make up with Shannon and Tamra a few weeks back. She refused. I think they felt she wasn’t fitting into the group, which is BS considering it’s Shannon and Tamra icing her out in the first place.
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  9. Apparently two of the potential newbies are Erin O'Connor (apparently Braunwyn's cousin!?), and a friend of Kelly's called Asia. Let's see...

    Tamra also re-added the orange emoji to her Insta bio.
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  10. This must be Erin.
  11. If it’s Braunwyn’s cousin Erin, then this is her:
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  12. This is her.
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  13. Yes. Shannon offers her friendship like some sort of prize, which is ridiculous because she brings nothing to a friendship except a large phone bill,
  14. It kills me that Shannon’s idea of being a good friend is calling someone to cry 20 times a day. Who needs that?
  15. I see the resemblance between Erin and Braunwyn. I hope she will be a good addition if she is joining.

  16. This can’t be true if Braunwyn is filming? He must be lying.
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  17. I know for a fact at least 3 of them received contracts a week ago as there was some taunting between the cast members regarding them, so yeah, Andy is talking out of his ass.
  18. Kelly , Braunwyn and Shannon all received “ pick up letters” but I don’t think they’ve signed any contract yet. But that being said, those three are guaranteed to return.

    If there’s one more orange up for grabs, they need to give it Emily.

    They should demote Tamra.

    Shannon , Kelly , Emily , Braunwyn and 2 new girls could be so great.
  19. Are we really seeing the end of Vicki’s time on the show? Wow. It may be happening for real. She won’t accept ‘friend of’ again.
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  20. yep I checked the stuff I was sent today and it was pick up letters, my bad, but that’s basically a guarantee unless they turn it down.
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