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The Real Housewives of Orange County

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. No, I’ve not heard anything.
    Other then she apparently sent an email to the production company, listing why she should return ddddd.

    My season 16 cast would’ve been:

    +2 Newbies

    I think that would’ve made for a stellar season. But I’m excited regardless.
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  2. Screaming g g.

    You just know that if she’s not invited back she’ll claim it was her decision or something. God I love that Tamrat.
  3. Heather (and Tamra, tbh) alone returning doesn't fix the show when the rest of the cast is Shannon, Gina and Emily, but I'm interested.

    The show is desperately in need of some chaos agents, which Kelly Dodd usually served as when she wasn't talking about Covid being a hoax. Tamra can be that, but her solo/family storylines were usually repulsive and/or stale in some way, to the point that I think there needs to be another messy addition to light some fuses (and ruffle Heather's feathers–that's when she shines).

    Braunwyn not returning is a bit of a missed opportunity, truthfully.
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  4. I am screaming at Kelly posting a screenshot of what someone presumably texted to her to post as her departure statement, then putting the fucking caption as "I'm on the wrong side of history" - Kelly Leventhal and then straight up telling people in the comments that she was fired.

    Drag me, but I will miss her. @TeamDorinda!! your old username lives on in our hearts <3 @#teamdodd!
  5. she is such a mess dddd.

    I will miss her on the show, and I do feel that her absence will be noticed. She has always delivered ever since her first season. My friend speaks to her, and asked her how she feels about the news. Her response :” I don’t care hahaha” ddddd. I’m just waiting for her drunken Instagram Live rant.

    It would’ve been amazing to see a proper Heather and Kelly feud.
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  6. For a brief moment in time, Kelly Dodd was my favourite housewife of all time. Season 11 of RHOC was a rollercoaster like no other, I remember tuning into each episode out of my mind excited for what Kelly was going to do that week. It was a shame she showed her ass and she was only ever going to get worse after marrying a Fox News maggot, but there won’t be another Kelly Dodd, not another Kelly Dodd.

  7. Of course Heather had a podcast ready to go with Andy as the guest to make the return announcement.

    She said they called her all the way back in December to offer her the spot. They’ve asked her to return for several seasons but it never felt right. She said now she felt was the time because her children are grown, they have stories to tell (her oldest daughter is bisexual, her oldest son is working out his identity and the twins are older now and are creatives) and she wants to bring the glamour and class back to the show. She hasn’t watched any of the seasons since she left but has been told by numerous people OC became extremely toxic. To remind us just how rich she is, during the pandemic they bought a huge plot of land in Idaho and are now deciding if they want to build their dream country lake vacation home or sell the land since they real estate market is on fire.

    Andy said Heather returning was the first step in rebuilding OC. He’s very happy with the new cast members, he’s happy with who they chose to return from the old cast members and will miss the people they let go because they helped bring something different to the OC.

    Side note: Braunwyn has already put a comment on one of the Housewives pages saying she was offered friend of but decided to turn the offer down because she didn’t like who she was last season and wants to take time away.
  8. Kelly Dodd's torment of Shannon and Vicki was LEGENDARY. She can rot because she's a racist cow but WHEW the way she never stepped off The Pig's neck.
  9. [​IMG]


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  10. Fancy Pants never really ran out of steam, so I welcome her back.
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  11. I see I'm the only person who is happy about Emily being kept on, she's much more enjoyable to watch than Gina + she has links to old cast members which could make for something good.
  12. Brownwind swap for Emily and this would have been perfect. I’m not a fan of B but she is chaotic and desperate, it would have been fascinating to see her interact with Heather.
  13. Apparently she isn't coming back full-time. She wants too much money and Bravo declined, so she might pop up for an episode. Two new Housewives plus another familiar face, if Tamara Tattles is correct.
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  14. Why bring back Gina? Good God. Everyone else + Heather is fine. I do wish Kelly was still there to stir Heather’s fancy pants. The Dubrow detested her so much.

    Goodbye Kelly Dodd’s stint on RHOC…

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    Braunwyn did an “exit interview” with a podcast which is pretty good. Haven’t finished it yet but the most important tea spilled so far is that Braunwyn learned way later from a text from one of Shannon’s kids that the drug story was completely fabricated. She’s friends with some of the newbies apparently so hopefully that makes its way onto the show.
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  16. Sorry but Braunwyn should have been fired months ago.

    As soon as she revealed she beat her husband. If it was the other way around he would have been cancelled immediately.

    She was fun her first season, but became an unlikable clone of her narcissistic mother in her second season. She puts herself before her family.

    Biggest downfall ever after Siggy Flicker went from quirky to psychotic on New Jersey.
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  17. The way all the awful things said about Braunwyn are absolutely true, and she still remains the most redeemable thing about OC since Heather’s exit.
  18. Soggy was such a shitstain on the RHONJ franchise, maybe even more so than the twins and the homophobic trash parents that were the Marchese? I can’t even be bothered to spell it correctly.
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  19. The Flicker is a garbage human, but I still found her to be delightful television.
  20. Kelly Dodd continues to prove she’s a vile human being:

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