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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I’ve never been as on edge to find out who is / isn’t returning as I am this year with the Orange County.
  2. Tamara Tattles is saying that despite reports that filming has begun, it's only test shooting that's been happening with Braunwyn and some potentials.

    She says filming has been "delayed until early next month," but in reality they've started filming then for the past few years.

    The cast isn't going to change much and pick-up letters have been sent out. They have a new show-runner who will try to "freshen things up," whatever that means.
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  3. A new show runner is our only hope of axing Tamra.
  4. Just when the show is good again, they want to "freshen it up." Oy vey. Will this be like how Atlanta has added those cringey, made-up songs?

    *Scene of Porsha walking into therapy*
    OoooOooo I'm workin' on mySellLlLlFf!!! Starting OVAHHhhHh!!

    *Scene of Cynthia and Kenya talking*
    OoOoo I'm talking to my FRIEND!! TO MY FRIENnDdDd!
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  5. Or my personal favourite this year...

    *Scene of Kenya waking up her new born miracle baby*
    I'm that bitch with the baaaag, I'm that bitch that's gon' beat yo ass
  6. It's not the show-runners that make the hiring/firing decisions unfortunately (as far as I'm aware.)

    Bravo execs have the last say on the talent on their shows, and so it's up to them whether or in what capacity Tamra returns. The production company assign a show-runner who's in charge of hammering out the storylines / episodes, but the reason we hear about women being "tested" each year across the franchises is in case they need to quickly replace returning talent who can't negotiate their contract.

    Each season after the reunion wraps, the Housewives who have options (years) left on their contracts are sent "pick-up" letters letting them know that they're being asked back. The Housewives typically have multi-year (like 3 - 5 year) contracts, and once their contracts are "up," Bravo re-negotiates with returning talent before attempting to cast newbies.

    For example, this season on RHOA Nene, Eva, Kandi and Porsha received pick-up letters because they were still under contract, Shamari did not and was therefore "let go," and Cynthia had re-negotiate because season 11 was the last year of her old contract. This was all done before any new casting was done (i.e. Kenya being brought back with a new contract), and they were testing at least three new women in case Cynthia and Kenya couldn't work out contracts.
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  7. Shannon has been quoted in saying that she would be open to resolving her issues with both Kelly and Emily, after saying she'd never thought she'd forgive Vicki. Even as going as far as saying they could become friends again.. perhaps that indicates Tamra being out the picture?
    Latest rumoured cast member is Elizabeth Vargas and she's the CEO of Edge Music Network. Lives in Newport Beach and she's friends with both Braunwyn, her cousin Erin (who's also rumoured to be joining) and Kelly. According to this article anyway. Another woman called Katrina Reiter is rumoured also, she's been considered before and knows both Emily and Tamra.

    I think two new wives is a certainty at this point if we go by the reports coming out. I wouldn't be surprised if Gina is let go, Vicki is fired and perhaps Tamra's status is up in the air. Braunwyn, Shannon, Kelly and Emily are nearly as good as confirmed. Bringing it to 6 with the two new additions or 7 with the inclusion of Tamra or no Tamra and a third new wife.
  8. Yeah I have a sense it’s Vicki and Gina that’s going.
  9. Yeah...I think Gina is out for sure. I feel like despite what Vicki says about having an orange or nothing, she won't be able to help herself and will show up at events. OMG if they cast Braunwyn's cousin, you know that will send Vicki into a meltdown. You never know about a person based on pictures alone, so I'll refrain from comments about the potential newbies but.... I think Shannon changing her tune about Kelly and Emily is because as crazy as she is (in the best possible way) she's not dumb and sees the writing on the wall knows Tamra is a sinking ship. (A sinking ship that is going to go absolutely insane to make sure she secures her spot.) I'm not scared about a NY season 5 or NJ season 6 exodus and invasion---it's just up to the producers to hire the right folks (Jersey) and not get cold feet and revert the show back to how it was (NY).
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  10. I actually think Vicki will walk. She’s called their bluff (publicly) and even she knows she’ll look the ultimate fool if she stays part-time.
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  11. You are probably right...and I do think that it does send a very important message to the OG tyrants of the other franchises that everyone is replaceable, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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  12. Vicki replying on social media to a fan saying that she plans on retiring soon....ddd.
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  13. Tamra has confirmed that she's back for Season 15. So I guess we have confirmation of Tamra, Braunwyn and Kelly being back? And possibly Emily (I think she filmed with Braun and Kelly). Nothing on Gina or Vicki yet. Shannon I'm sure is back.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. I've always been vocal about wanting Tamra to return, she has one good season left in her. I don't think Tamra vs Kelly has reached its full potential at all. Nor have we as an audience seen her really be upheld for her comments. It's a good move keeping her around for the sake of messy reality TV.
  16. It's gonna be Tamra, Kelly, Shannon, Emily, Braunwyn, Newbie and possibly MKE and another Newbie as Friends I would imagine. Shake up indeed.
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  17. ‘Vicki is not part of the cast’

    Dull, but also cocksure. Urgh.
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  18. Goodbe Vicki. Vanquished by Braunwyn!
  19. Braunwyn stans WWC? I LOVE HER.
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  20. Grrrrrrr lol
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