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The Real Housewives of Orange County

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. There is only one demon to summon

  2. She’s an awful person but she knows how to cause chaos.
  3. A hard no to Vicki ever returning outside of all-stars. She is a very vocal anti-vax supporter on Instagram, not to mention Steve is (and I don't say this lightly) a right-wing psychopath. Both of them regularly like inflammatory posts/comments about the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as being pro-guns, pro Trump and endorse homophobia.

    She's as bad as Kelly Dodd. Fuck Pigcki !!
  4. She’s awful but she was fun to laugh at and watch her have meltdowns. I do think they put the final nail in her RHOC chances with that reunion footage. I honestly am kind of shocked she’s be welcomed back for All Stars though. It’s the one casting that made me think that whole list was fake/a fan-made list.
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  5. Shannon is fucking dreadful in S12, she's the worst out of all of them.
    The group is so disjointed, but it adds an air of unpredictability to it. Anyhow, it's time for a psychic episode.
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  6. Yeah even as someone who seriously enjoyed her chaos on the show and was upset she got cut a few years back she can just stay the fuck away. She has went absolutely insane on social media and Steve truly is a trash human being. My friend in San Diego gave me the low down on him when he first appeared on OC and we now see why Vicki attracts the men she does. Don should be glad he got the fuck out when he did dddd.
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  7. my same san diegan friend has partied with him several times dddd

    I am glad to see he's clearly not dumb as rocks like his mom.
  8. Howling, this has made my day
  9. Peggy recording MKE's newborn crying for ten minutes is the kind of awful what the fuck bitchy HW's action I love.

  10. It’s what Ms. Piggy deserves.
  11. But… Leanne Locken was rumoured as the back-up…
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  12. I miss my momma Tamrat, to be honest.
  13. Seriously, I'll gladly welcome her back because the show needs it.

    It was shocking she's basically anti-Trump with some of the things she said or just smart enough to know better to keep it under wraps.
  14. I don't want her back, otherwise her creepy son will be included.
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  15. Vicki caught covid?
  16. Vicki is also upset that her son is vaccinated dddd
  17. Vicki is a moron.
  18. I love this plot twist for Vicki, it’s just too perfect. If this happened on the OC, you’d assume it was staged storyline.
  19. This headline has taken me out.
  20. What a fucking dumbass.
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