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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  2. We were laying there, fully clothed, watchingamovie! I’m so mad… I’m. So. MAAAAAaaAAADDaaaDaaAAAADaAAD!! *shots of beautiful tall trees and ski slopes in Banff, BC*

    I enjoy watching Vicki lose it as the seasons go on.
  3. Lauri was the perfect Friend Of that season
  4. yOU HaVE NeVEr BEeN A MOTHER!!!
    yoU hA
    Ve nO iDeA WHaT it'S LiKE!!!!!
  5. Tamra actually lost me a bit after her christening when she would not shut up about God and Jesus and it was all.. a little much.

    That said, she's just so good at reality tv, isn't she? Even when she refrained a bit from the obvious villain role, her meddling in the relationships always gave off the impression that she understood the assignment.

    I don't buy that Vicki didn't know about the cancer scam. Living with someone who has stage 3 cancer and goes to chemo because of that is something you can't really fake. I know the defense is always that we're talking about Vici here and that she's unbelievably narcissistic, but... from my (limited, but it's still there) experience of people you're close with battling cancer, even someone like Vicki would notice if such a thing were true or fabricated.
    I mean, what is the story here? She went to chemo with him and... waited in the waiting room? And Brooks was doing what exactly? Drinking tea with the Doctor while Vicky sat in said waiting room? This makes no sense to me and the only other option is, that that is lie and she really never went with him. But the only explanation I can think of, why you wouldn't be by the side of the person you love when they are battling cancer, is that you already suspect that it may not be real after all.

    That said, I very much agree on your Heather/Shannon assessement. I too believe that the Dubrows wanted to take down the Beadors. I can very much picture Terry saying the "taking the Beadors down"-quote while grinning giddily. It's very much in his character, isn't it?
  6. Trailer is supposed to drop either today or tomorrow according to Andy.
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  7. Where is your trailer roach?!?!?
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  8. Praying that Heather will renew her original mission of getting Shannon sent away in an ambulance. Take her down!
  9. I cant wait to take a sip every time we hear "champs" this season.
  10. Heathers rant after being kicked out of the department store in Ireland is lowkey iconic.
  11. The Ireland trip must be top 5 of all time across all cities in terms of cast trips. Chaotic from start to finish.

  12. Can we eviscerate C*** Dodd for good?
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  13. She is out of control, I hope Heather sues her for the rest of her life.

    Are we getting the trailer today?
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  14. I've heard whispers there's some form of wild kerfuffle in the trailer, which is rare for the OC, these days
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  15. Scream. I need this trailer now. Just picturing Heather’s deranged eyebrows hit the ceiling of a restaurant as glass smashes is everything I need.
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  17. I’m actually pretty pumped about this. Not a lot of obvious drama, but I’m very interested.

    That intro for queen Dubrow!
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  18. Hmm, it was a bit lukewarm for me. I'll watch regardless.
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  19. I feel like the trailers where they don’t always show too much can sometimes lead to a great season - season 11 for example, so I’m hopeful.

    Also I love how this trailer basically proves Braunwyn wasn’t lying about Shannon talking shit about Gina behind her back when she did it to Heather about Gina and Emily.
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