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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I LOVE IT
  2. That’s about the best trailer I could have hoped for. A Shannon takedown, a new Ryan, Noella being fun/messy, Heather taking in the peasants… It only makes me sad to think about how well Braunwyn would have gelled with all of that. I’m excited though.
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  3. The best part of the trailer was Shannon’s inability to string together a positive sentence about Gina after Heather said she seemed cool. Scream.
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  4. Here for messy Noella... yes, I'm a Noellan. We need a Kelly Dodd/Braunwyn mess hybrid and she is it, I fear.
  5. Twitter has been negative before this even debuted but I’m pleased with that trailer. Visually the show looks great and even Emily and Gina didn’t bother me and I rank them as two of my least favorite HWs of all time.

    I think this will be a solid relaunch for them! The trailer felt very old school OC to me which I love!
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  6. Wow they’ve got nothing.
  7. It looks perfectly watchable, which is more than I can say for the last few seasons, but they didn’t tease much (or anything, really) to get excited about.
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  8. As the biggest Heather Dubrow stan, that intro of the trailer was everything. Fancy Pants is back and ready to take over. Also loving her friendship with Gina. New York girls gotta stick together.
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  9. That’s looks enjoyable. Incredibly lighter than last year. Heather just shines and I’m here for Shannon’s continuous disdain for Gina.
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  10. I'm kind of obsessed with everything about that trailer? The OC music has always sounded like a horror movie so I'm glad to see it being used to that effect. I'm excited, girls.
  11. I’ll watch for Noella and Heather.
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  12. My Real Housewives expectations are so sky high currently that I don't know if a trailer with anything short of a FBI takedown on camera would be able to meet them.

    I will say: Heather and Gina being friends is so cursed!!
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  13. "Are you eating a sandwich??"
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  14. I'm four episodes into S13... Tamra has broke her foot, idgaf about Kelly or Vicki, but I am enjoying Emily, and Gina.
    The background gays laughing as Vicki and Kelly hash it out, sent me.
    I know it's trash but I want to somewhat try and catchup before 16 airs (I will only do the reunion for 15)
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  15. Quick Update....

    I'm enjoying Season 13, Gina and Emily are fresh air, Tamra is Tamra, Kelly isn't unlikeable at the moment, so it's an easy watch. Fluff, but easy.
    The fact nobody treats Vicki with the respect other OG's command after her Cancer-Scam tickles me no end, I look forward to her demotion.
  16. Girls we watched the first part of the Season 6 reunion and I fear Tamra put her entire foot in this one. She shrugged off the midlife crisis questions with a shit eating grin, exposed how Alexis's husband swindled his way into short selling their house while paying cash for their next one and has already roasted Gretchen within an inch of her life. I haven't stanned a performance like this since I first experienced Kenya and it's so thrilling.

    Having Donn do a sit down interview about the divorce has to be one of the darkest personal moments in housewives history? I know Vicki is ultimately the maker of her own downfall but it's still really bleak to literally
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  17. Oh, if you think that’s dark, just wait until the season 8 reunion. It’s a ride into a bleach blonde, perma-tanned hellscape.
  18. I’m surprised Shannon even got this gig. You can tell when they decided to cast and story the season around Heather, Shannon’s just trying to get in Heather’s fancy pants graces to keep the job. Well from that trailer Heather knew exactly when to let it rip!

    It’s been such an odd ride for OC, it’s almost like they say let’s pretend we didn’t see that last season! I can’t wait for this. Trailer looks good.
  19. You gals sleep on season 14 of OC too much. It's hilarious from start to finish and ends with Tamra hiding in a bush.
  20. It was a GREAT season, especially after 12 and 13. People always underestimate how wild that season was.
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