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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I have it to come, don't worry, I trust your judgements, mostly.

    I am enjoying 13 though, Gina stirs the right amount of shit, sawry
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  2. They showed a new preview for Season 16 during the Potomac reunion tonight which featured Heather and Shannon arguing and then Heather breaking the fourth wall and trying to stop filming. Could we be in for Season 9: Reloaded the Re-Up?
  3. Vicki trying to be a nice person, and fun, in S13 is honestly so creepy. After years of swimming in shit, she just can't wash it off, and she's brought nothing at all so far, and I'm up to the Jamaica trip.
    No wonder she got demoted... I wonder which exec took relish in doing that.

    I am really enjoying Emily and Gina, and them getting Shannon, I look forward to them still being around for the new season.
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  4. The best part is that the promo is the first two episodes, so we don’t even have to wait for the drama to kick off! I’m super excited for OC!
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  5. Tamrat's other son turning 18 and finally appearing at the arse end of S13, and her having to introduce him.
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  6. upload_2021-11-29_23-7-40.png
    Looks like it's all kicking off, get Tamra back next season or filming some scenes for later this season asap!
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  7. Wait, what is this all about?
  8. Apparently Shannon was pissed Heather completely dropped her after S11 and never spoke to her again until the first day of filming this season but Shannon did the exact same thing to Tamra & Vicki after S14 dd.

    I'm guessing the voicemail stuff is about the rumours Vicki spread about David?

  9. Heather looks fucking AMAZING in the preview confessional on Bravo’s website.
  10. Now I’m one of the few who loved the trailer, cast photo and little preview clips, but I just noticed this premieres tomorrow and they haven’t done any promo. I wonder what that means!

    Is it a disappointing season? Do they feel the trailer is enough?

    It’s just odd they’ve been off and are returning to a revamp and it’s been crickets.
  11. He
    Heather has WWHL to herself tomorrow night doesn't she.
  12. RHOC never has a huge promotional push other than a couple of local morning shows and stuff so I’m not expecting much but I’m excited for it. The trailer and the first look on Bravo’s site both did it for me.
  13. In celebration of the big return of The Real Housewives of Orange County, I created a Best Of. Featuring the iconic "deFAMatory LIES" scene, as referenced by @lushLuck on the very first page of this thread. Long live the screaming-franchise.

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  14. I agree, the promo has been terrible.
    Heather and the new girls have me back, I intend to be a regular viewer for the first time since s12/13, but it feels like they missed a big opportunity here to really promote it as a reboot.

    The “Sweet 16” campaign was right there for them!
  15. I could see Shannon bringing the drama Heather's way from a MILE AWAY.
  16. Thank god Heather is back! That house tour. Her taste is IMPECCABLE.

    I’m a little perplexed she didn’t know Nicole sued Terry but I can’t wait to see it blow up next week!
  17. [​IMG]

    The first half was the standard catch-up fluff but worked well as a reintroduction for Heather and that house, but the second half was surprisingly juicy with the Nicole revelation (why does she not have an orange?) and the tease for next week....already better than all of last season, although that was a low bar to clear.
  18. This was a really good premiere and this season is looking promising. It's great to have Heather back, and my god her house is insane. I think probably the most stunning place of any of the housewives in the franchise?
  19. The editing was very… odd, but overall a really strong premiere. I still feel like Braunwyn got the boot too soon, especially as she seems to have some drama with the new wives. All three newbies already felt like lovely inclusions and Heather truly slipped back into her role as Queen Bee seamlessly. Her performance on WWHL immediately afterward was also incredible; the network was truly at a loss without her.

    I’m honestly shocked they were able to make Emily & Gina relatively likable for the first time, and I’m surprised at how eager I am to watch the sure-to-be-messy outcome of this party.

    I’m also glad the producers made the entire audience suffer through the traumatizing horrors of the SweetJames billboards that I’ve had to deal with for years - but now having the image of his sex dungeon whenever I see his face on the 5 freeway might actually send me off the road.

    Why wasn’t Nicole made a full wife? She’s already bringing a flurry of drama.
  20. I’ve read that Nicole was originally casted as a main housewife but after what unfolds next week, Heather had enough influence with production to have her demoted.
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