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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. This is exactly what happened. The producers knew they needed Heather for the reboot so they did as she wished.

    Edit: Just finished the premier and it gave me everything I needed. Nicole looking like Brandi from Dallas and then getting taken down and erased after two episodes is a kii
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  2. I feel like the insiders who got to review the pilot must've been on something when they universally panned this premiere. I thought this was EXCELLENT! I expected a slow premiere, but this built nicely and had such a fabulous cliffhanger at the end! It's rare you see the OC ladies knock it out of the park so soon. Even housewives I didn't like previously (Emily and Gina) worked for me. The newbies all clicked. The show looked lush and expensive again. It had humor, family scenes and drama. This truly gave me everything and was one of the best starts in a long time.

    I hope the ratings are good or that people give it a shot and the ratings grow. This is how a reboot should be. I'm proud of them. It's been a long time since we had good OC so this feels good as a fan.
  3. I love Heather so much. She's everything I hate about posh people, but (or thus) an incredible housewife. The heated towel scene with Gina... I felt that. I would be in two minds between shoving them down her throat or just being nice so I can watch EVERYTHING.

    The new girls I'm not sold on but I'm sure I'll warm up to Noella. She's ready to bring it.

    Also, Shannon doing everything she can to keep her contract... she clearly doesn't like anyone!
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  4. I know it's awful but I LOVE to watch Shannon be tormented.
  5. It isn’t awful, it’s a joy that we have earned. Also if people continue to badmouth season 14, @johnny_tsunami and I will proceed to throw lemons at you. Shannon Storms Beador did not get her head beat in a bowl for that slander.
  6. Season 14 was amazing from start to finish. 10, 11 and 14 are probably my holy trinity when it comes to OC.
  7. I actually love Shannon. I think she’s an All Star.
  8. I’m rewatching season 14 and they’re all unhinged. Like, every single one of them. It’s incredible, Vicki is the only one who’s sort of calm? Kelly’s just impossible to tolerate at all times, Gina and Emily are rollercoasters, Tamra can’t stop OPENLY stirring the pot and Braunwyn’s just a mess from the jump. So enjoyable!
  9. Yessss, I love the season 14 stanning! So many iconic moments.

    Find the bullies...THEY WILL LAUGH AT YOU!!

    You wanna fuck with ME?? You little PIG OF A FUCKING BITCH??

    I don't know what her name is...Brown Wind? Boring Wind??

    I donged her with my donger!



    Kelly...I had a concussioYOU'RE SO STUPID!!!!!!!

  10. I love Gina losing it with “It’s not about yewwwww BrAUNWYNN”
  11. I just watched the first episode and thought it was great. Feels like a complete refresh and has a whole different energy that was desperately needed. Can kinda understand why Tamra wasn't brought back, I think the show needs to be in this space for a bit where they try new things.

    I actually found Nicole to be the most intriguing newbie. Dated Kid Rock, used to look like Pamela Anderson, has Shannon shook and sued Terry Dubrow? Give her an Orange.
  12. I haven’t watched yet (but so excited to) but yes to the season 14 love - it’s representative of what kind of a season us Popjustice girls would deliver if we had cameras on the sub-forum!
  13. The Ladies, especially Kelly towards Vicki, come in so strong on the S13 Reunion.
    They got by the end of the season, so I don't understand why they suddenly hate each other.
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  14. The season premiere was good! I loved it.

    Hearher’s general decor of the house, I expected more honestly. But the size of it and the exterior, MAWMA, that’s a resort.

    And Ryne pronounced RYAN? JAIL.

    I can’t wait for next week’s episode. I didn’t know Nicole got demoted. Heather should’ve done her research!
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  15. The producers flashing that billboard TWO TIMES, in one episode is giving me:


    I’m sure they’ll flashback to it for the third and then fourth time during the reunion.
  16. Great premiere! Noella and Dr.Nicole seem like great additions, and I'm obsessed with the latter's husband who is incapable of wearing a shirt.

    In total agreement that Braunwyn should've stuck around one more season (especially over Emily Fucking Simpson) if only because she seems to be the one connecting Noella and Dr. Nicole to the cast.

    I also can never quit Shannon Storms Beador, who has somehow managed to snatch the title of Most Unhappy Person on the Planet from Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney.
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  17. I'm just confused as to how Heather won't/didn't know about Nicole and her husband.
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  18. I could have done without all the forced/fake introductions, as if Shannon and Heather were organically communicating with each other.

    That concept along with the “I decided to take a trip to Mexico, would you all like to come” can go in 2021.

  19. Microphone ladies unhinged energy gave us one of the best moments of S14, the Bridie of OC.
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  20. OC is back baby! Incredible premiere.

    fucking dead at Shannon’s meltdown while Heather was so gleefully and cuntily showing off her house.

    “Shannon’s Former Estate” these editors are so shady dddd.

    I’m loving Gina this season. Emily is still a bit nothingy to me but I think she’s gonna be messy this season. Shannon is absolutely demented.

    The new girls are fantastic additions because they’re so thirsty. I’m not ready for Noella’s shock divorce! Jen seems like a quintessential OC housewife with the husband who can’t stand her.

    The episode got me excited for the rest of the season.
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