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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Do we know why Braunwyn isn't on this season, was it her own decision or Bravo's? If it was her own decision I understand, but I can't see why Bravo would want to axe her - I thought she had a lot more left in her to give.
  2. I think I remember Braunwyn saying that she was offered "friend of" for this season but that she turned it down because she didn't like who she was on the show last season or something like that. I know basically everyone says that when they get fired, but it would've made sense for her to be back part-time as the bridge between the returning cast members and the new girls since she is basically the only connection between them.
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  3. I forgot to mention, seeing Heather’s kids this grown…

  4. Cackling to myself at me getting Dr. Jen’s name wrong.

    Oops! I had a total Lynne moment.

  5. I like all the newbies energy so far, Noella especially.

    Heather back on my television , life’s good.
  6. I lost all faith in OC after last season and thought I was never gonna watch it again, but wow that a was a great premiere that pulled me right back in.
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  7. I claimed in June that Heather returning wasn't enough to make me watch. Fast forward to yesterday - I watched it and loved every second of it.

    I couldn't be happier to have Fancy Pants lording it over the girls again. Even Shannon didn't get on my nerves as much as she used to.
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  8. I haven't watched OC for three seasons because I got tired of my viewership contributing to Vicki Gunvalson's salary – the same reason I won't be watching New York going forward, regarding Ramona – but her firing and the return of Fancypants reeled me back in. I gotta say...I'm all in.

    I liked Emily and Gina a lot more than I expected to. I didn't realize I missed Heather so much. So happy to have her back on-screen but that house is just too much. It's decorated like an over-the-top Comfort Inn.

    Shannon Storms Beador is just as awful as I remember and I am here for her downfall.

  9. This Nicole girl’s past gets messier and messier by the minute…
  10. Because Nicole has had multiple surnames...

    She was also supposed to be a full time housewife - but she couldn't go on the cast trips as she refused to be vaccinated and caused problems by having to have COVID tests constantly, so I'm not unhappy that they ditched her.

    She was loathed by the viewers last season because she was too much with the husband beating, offering Shannon's daughter drugs, etc.
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  11. DAS


    This was my first time watching OC, I’ve only ever seen old clips of vicki heather and tamra and the iconic scenes etc.
    I thought because it seemed like this season is a bit of a reset it would be a good way to test the water and see if I want to go back and watch every season.
    I just LOVED heather! I’m excited to get to know the housewives a bit better as the season progresses and see how the drama differs from the other housewive cities that I watch
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  12. Watching Shannon’s kids gleefully tell Shannon she’ll be all alone within two years reminded of the time last season when they gave her Covid and were pretty much laughing over it. They loathe her and its hilarious.
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  13. She did a podcast interview after the news broke and said it had been pretty 50/50 with the producers but ultimately she got told that she wasn’t going to be kept on. She definitely would have stayed on the show had they picked up her contract.

    (This is the same podcast interview where she talks about learning that Shannon made up the drug story)
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  14. Wasn’t this a sign of the end of the world in the Bible or whatever?
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  15. OK, but that teaser clip in the posting has me slightly perched. Kinda here for this mess... (As long as it's mainly Tamra serving some wild tea and Teddi is just doing those reaction "what?"s and "oh!"s.)
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  16. Teddi's brunette hair makes her even more nothing-y and difficult to identify. It's kind of amazing, really. She's like if camouflage were a person.

  17. So…if Heather and Nicole are still on good terms then why did Nicole leave the show? Did she leave by her own choice after the lawsuit got brought up on camera? I’m so confused.
  18. I thought the premiere was fine. Heather's house is hideous.
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  19. That premier was superb. It gave us some bloody great intros for Noelle and Dr Jen (and Nicole, who was definitely shooting as a housewife at this time by the feel of it).
    Heather, well, she's everything, and I hope this is a Shannon take-down season, she deserves it (every season).
    And that cliffhanger, well I'll be hooked.

    Now to finish that S13 reunion. Did Vicki get demoted for the coke accusation, which even though Kelly is a monster, wasn't deserved?
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  20. Nicole and Heather seem fine as N commented under H’s IG post about her appearance on WWHL and Heather responded with ‘thank you my beautiful friend!’.
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