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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. The zoom on Shannon when Heather was going on about her house and rooms. ajdsjgk
  2. Been waiting for a Shannon takedown for years. Truly insufferable to watch and can't believe they've kept her on this long.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I'm rewatching the Heather Dubrow years while I work and they are mostly very enjoyable. Though, anytime I see Tamra's awful son on the show, I have to skip to the next scene.
  5. I sent this video to my Dad after he cheated on my Mum last year, he blocked me after ddd.
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  6. Not Noella just straight up stealing Lizzie's tagline from season 9. Poor Kentucky Fried Titties can't have anything!
  7. Dr. Jenn’s voice is EERILY similar to Teddi Mellencamp’s…
  8. Season 14 is giving me everything three episodes in.
    I mean, I just nearly spat out my tea when this image flashed up

    Also, Shannon being nice to Braunwyn is the creepiest thing
  9. I might stan Gina this season, just for the fun of it, for something to do.
  10. As a licensed Gina Hater last season (she was vile throughout most of it), I can't say I didn't enjoy her in the premiere. Her being walked around Heather's house and being giddy about it (ie not being jealous at all and just living for the disgusting wealth) was a little iconic. It was almost like it was such an unrealistic or unattainable level of wealth for her that she could just appreciate it. I loved it, and I love her tagline!

    I wasn't prepared.
  11. Gina and Emily both came off really well in the premiere. I have found them both useless before but they were actually fun and light.

    Gina during the home tour was basically the audience. We will never know that insane wealth and she was the perfect person to serve as the proxy. If you showed me a towel warming drawer just nonchalantly, I’d probably piss myself too.
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  12. I've always liked Gina. Emily can go though.
  13. I HATED Gina during season 14 but I found myself warming up to her poor, sad and pathetic life by season 15. It's nice to see her on the up-and-up finally after raggely extensions and a sign that said GATHER in her kitchen.
  14. The contrast between Casita Gina’s joy having her first ever orgasm over Heather’s house as the lines on Shannon’s face gathered and multiplied like ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ signs in Gina’s season 13 home was beautiful.
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  15. I lose it every time you talk about that fucking GATHER sign
  16. Even though I can't stand Heather (sorry piggies!) I'm glad she's back; she's a necessary evil.
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  17. Nicole dragging Emily in tonight’s episode…where is this woman’s Orange?!
  18. I knew Nicole would come through
    You are 20 minutes.. gworl
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