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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Sooooo is Tammy going to be back in some capacity this season? Do we know yet????
  2. Kelly in a train... Tamrat calling out Braunwyn for getting intouch with Lizzie and Gretchen, going on how much she hates them, but somehow having copies of their texts, presumably from them.
    I... Gina's hair in her confessionals is there, and Braunwyn's Mother is played by 80's Boy George

    The gist I get about Tamrat @matthew. is that Heather put out some invites to her events, but then All Stars 2 came along, so she's declined.
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  3. Producers kept pushing for her to come to the finale event but she declined, not just for Ultimate Girls Trip 2, she felt it was worth more money than they were offering.
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  4. Yeah, that drag would have been great if she didn't fluff it at the end and tell Emily to sit down to which Emily replies "I am sitting" with a smirk on her face.
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  5. Just 20 minutes in, and this episode is amazing.
  6. I know many people don't like Shannon, and I preferred her earlier years, but I think she is essential to the show. The drama wouldn't have kicked off like this without her.

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  7. That was maybe my favorite housewives episode of the year outside of Jen's arrest? The first 40 minutes were just absolute housewives chaos in the best way, including Heather trying to quit the fucking show mid-dinner party.
    But now we said it. Heather is clearly the star of the show, but without Shannimal there would have been absolutely no tension, no drama, or no stakes to this season so far.
  8. Another delightful episode. These ladies are truly winning right now, but I hope they didn’t blow their load too early.

    I truly didn’t expect Heather to immediately forgive Nicole. She deserved that orange after all.
  9. I hate to say it but Gina is growing on me this season.
  10. I'm sorry, but everybody lied on this show. This is not an okay season, this is EXCELLENT! My god! This episode felt like when you have to wait til episode 10 for most shows to kick off the drama. They need to start promoting and let people know that OC is back. To me this is more interesting than the previous season of Beverly Hills.

    I can't believe how right they got it with this cast and to think, this is the backup without Tamra! I see why they didn't want to pay her almost a million dollars to return. I love Tamra, but they didn't need her. Heather and Shannon is one of the best feuds this show has seen and this was no different.

    When it comes to the Nicole thing, I do think Gina threw Shannon under the bus, but that's Shannon's fault. She came into this season with NO allies so why tell Gina and Emily who don't like you?! She had to have known Gina would use this to her own benefit.
  11. This cast just gels SO well, even people like Emily and Gina who haven’t always felt in place with the show or cast. After sitting through season 12, 13 and 15 we deserve this.

    Also may just be going off of two episodes, but I kinda feel like Nicole doesn’t have the capacity for a stressful show like Housewives. Watching her stutter and stumble through “sit down” was awkward because she really thought she was doing something.
  12. Now that is how you do a housewives episode, yet another sushi party dissolving into Heather screaming at the producers and threatening to leave then gliding down the stairs and throwing Shannon out a second time.

    The trailer not giving much of this away gives me hope this will be at the very least on par with S11 & 14 which are low key two of the best housewives seasons.
  13. I enjoyed S13....

    Vicki becoming nothing on that cast and trying to be relevant with those claims in the reunion. Her downfall sharted
  14. Shannon already getting psychologically tortured this season? I love this song!
  15. Not Gina and Emily rising up and becoming my second faves after Fancy Pants. That coordinated takedown was sloppy but everything I need from my Housewives.

    I just love Heather. Her walking off while still mic’d up and screaming at Terry was excellent. Her then coming back downstairs to save face and excoriate Shannon was beautiful.

    I had to scream at the “this party cost me $36,000 and we didn’t even get to the main course!”


    I truly think I have found my kink: Heather Dubrow belittling everyone unknowingly by just simply existing in her lavish life.
  16. The zoom in on Heather’s claw hands as she pointed, poked the air towards Shannon and decimated her was art. Somewhere, Ronnie Karam and Ben Mandelker were screaming internally.
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  17. Edu


    Hmmm I don't know about that Nicole girl.... Of all the things she could have said to Emily, "go eat sushi"/"this is what I'll do, I'll go on a fucking diet" was so tired. Those digs felt very... Kelly Dodd.

    This was a scream, though:
  18. The fact that it looks like a scene from a horror film where the hostage is distraught with fear whilst being laughed at. I'm dying.
  19. Terry's giant face was the scariest thing about the episode. Marching down the hall in his leather jacket, I thought he was going to kill Nicole nn.
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