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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I also think they work better depending on chemistry with their cast mates. They didn't really gel with Braunwyn, Elizabeth or Kelly.
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  2. Heather's 2021 remix of kicking Shannon out of her home? An anthem.
    "I've done this before, and I could do it again...."

    I missed this woman so much.
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  3. I'm curiously optimistic - I'm not sure these girls can sustain the steam.
  4. The real villain of this season is Gina's posture.
  5. I can't stand Heather and Terry.

  6. Miraval looks like the sort of place Mary Crosby would send her congregation to for a holiday
    Tamrat completely winding Shannon up with talk of spinal fluid leaks and bleeding on the brain...
    Kelly -
    "She's a fucking dumbass!!!"
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  7. Terry is creepier now than he was before. I still enjoy Fancy Pants and her champs though.
  8. Heather already playing 4D chess with these girls. Queen!
  9. Omg I'm still having nightmares about Dr Terri's over filled, botoxed face mincing down the hall clickity clack ready to read Ms 20 minutes gworl's alleged botched surgery!!! His head is twice as large as before.
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  10. Terry Dubrow filling and sculpting his face to look like a totem pole is something.
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  11. “And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”

    aka Terry on Botched
  12. - They do a CAT Scan on you?
    - They did
    - They see you had a loose screw in your fucking head

    Why is Shannon getting terrorised such good tv? I hope Heather doesn't take her foot off her neck this season.
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  13. “If you ever….Come after my family… are going to lose a LOT more than my friendship”

    Obsessed with Heather practically table reading a script for a failed TV pilot to Shannon’s ass in next weeks episode.
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  14. The way they keep showing flashbacks of Heather and Shannon fighting during season 9 when they’re talking about each other

    Yas, serve us a feud with history and actual relevance to the show
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  15. So I guess Nicole isn’t just a two-episode wonder after all. I’m perched.
  16. How is this so good?! I just cannot! Shannon continues to be a 10/10 HW who has never had a bad season. If Shannon is gonna do one thing, it's give us a show. Then the Noella divorce drama intrigues me, although I do wish her husband had filmed a little before filing.

    Next week looks like another win for them!
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  17. Can’t believe I’m about to say this after some rocky years across the board but between this, Salt Lake City, Ultimate Girls Trip, Potomac just finished and Miami coming, we’re living in a moment of gold Housewives again, where we’re actually eating good?!
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  18. Not a divorce announcement only three episodes in nn is that a Housewives record?

    Also I… hate Heather fff she’s the only person who could make me go Team Shannon.
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  19. Hilariously, the only Housewife who successfully took on Heather and won was Lydia, of all people. The feud where she put Marilyn Monroe on the cover of a magazine that Heather wanted was pettiness in the extreme and I laughed.
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  20. I don't know...when Heather pointed out that Lydia gave herself a 16 page spread in that same magazine, it was pretty humiliating Dddd.
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