The Real Housewives of Orange County

I'm tuning in for Noella and no one else who doesn't challenge Heather TheCrow.

While Heather Dulowbrow flops, Noella continues to thrive, succeed, prosper, and win.

I'm not feeling this season, but I am feeling Noella. I had mentioned bringing back Chaotic Wind for her, but I actually think she could get some good use as Tamra's wind up toy.
I know it’s contrived as fuck but for some reason I’m enjoying Emily this season with her 2-liter Ginger Ale on the shipping trip after taking shots the night before and her turkey sub in her purse. At least she’s trying to carve out a shtick - meanwhile Gina’s only shtick continues to be her residency inside of Heather’s ass and having a small house (which Noella admitted to talking shit about, scream).
Lordella got word from production that everyone was getting along and said not on my watch! Was she drunk when she showed up too? Iconic.

I must echo that I’ve come around to Emily this season. She’s been fun and relatable for the most part, and the I like that she’s seen through both Jen and Nicole’s attempts to taint her view of Noella.