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The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I'm finding Gina and drunk Emily to be fun this season.

    Shannon and Noella are the odd due I didn't know we needed.

    Shannon's spot on the show is secure apparently as many have reported her businesses are doing quite well and Bravo gets a good cut of it. Pleased for her as I always thought her ex-husband was creepy.
  2. So, this show has been surging in ratings after the holiday break and is on the cusp of hitting 1M live viewers again and Bravo decides to put it on a break again this week to air the Vanderpump Rules reunion in its slot instead...?

    @Andy Cohen
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  3. They're probably doing everything they can to keep Vanderstruggles on life support.
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  4. They're just trying to get Vanderpump off the air as quickly as possible, so they're blowing through the entire reunion in one week.
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  5. Everything Lisa Vanderpump touches just turns into diamonds and rosè! swan poop and cocaine boogers.
  6. The show is surging because of…


  7. I haven't tuned into this since Vicky left and was kind of snoozing through her last season. Is this worth rewatching with queen Heather?
  8. It's worth watching for The Noella and Shannon Variety Hour! Heather whomst?
  9. Unsure who Noella is but yesss Shannon.
  10. The one who's gonna take down heather and her ugly house.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Cyst, you better GET TO KNOW THEN.
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  12. Heather's slightly flopping, to be honest.
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  13. Her home, her richness, her great children, are Housewives perfection...
    Her trying to not be messy, and control the narrative sucks a little, but it's getting called out by the producers, through Noella, is keeping that at bay.
  14. I kinda knew she would flop to be whorenest. It took only half a season to find that out. If she flops it means she’ll be out and NOELLA WILL RISE UP! This is just the beginning!
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  15. Heather has been a good villain this season and I still find it weird that fans are so...upset by her. We wouldn't really have much other than Mother Teresella without her being horrible.
  16. I still love Heather but I have to say, she’s not the same person she was when she left the show. She used to be fun and jokey while still being condescending. Now she’s just an icy asshole with it. It makes it hard to stay on her side.
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  17. I think what’s missing is the Tamra and Vicki level of energy where they’d tease her and get annoyed by her asshole-y ways. They were good foils to go up against Fancy Pants, her Champs and that goddamn Porte-Cochere.
  18. Since y'all have a break this week I'm updating on my OC journey! Currently six episodes deep into Season 11 and I have some opinions.

    Common advice I've heard regarding OC around the internet is to start midway through/when it becomes more like modern housewives and I must say I'm thankful I didn't follow said advice. The main reason is Vicki Gunvalson. This woman may be the most compelling study in the complete deterioration of humanity that comes with one's identity becoming tied so inherently to reality TV. Without those early seasons of establishing her as a hard working woman with personal insecurities that made her both relatable and a sympathetic character, the Brooks years would lose so much gravitas and the uniquely dark side of OC would be missed. As it stands, I've found myself on the same journey I imagine a lot of people go on with rooting for her to pull through time and time again only for her to constantly disappoint. When her response to being called out again in Season 11 was to call Brooks in the limo, I nearly screamed at my television.

    I'm additionally grateful for the early seasons because of the journey that has been stanning Tamra Barney, now Tamra Judge. From that final limo ride with Simon to her calling Slade's baby mother at the reunion to outing Alexis's husband short selling their house, to Jesus Jugs and Kentucky Fried Titties and beyond, I can nearly stomach the Ryan scenes if only because it allows the slightest humanity to seep through her pores if only momentarily. She may have retired her specific brand of chaos these days but she's still capable of giving what's needed aka "You will never see my face again. GOODBYE." Also Eddie's calves.

    I was also under the impression that Season 10 was far and away the peak of OC but Season 9 was just as strong? Shannon somehow constantly flipping between likeable and annoying yet still managing to reveal Heather as the villain gaslighting her at every opportunity was a gag. That said, I'm fucking sick of hearing about her failing marriage by this point and was glad to see actual hellspawn Kelly Dodd immediately coming for her.

    Regarding the secondary players, I couldn't stand Gretchen once she got with Slade and while Alexis was grating as hell she was such a satisfying housewife to see piled on. Lydia was pointless, I kind of lived for Lizzie's utter disdain for Tamra and while Meghan had one of the best first seasons this IVF storyline is such a snooze and her gay husband couldn't look less enthused to be filmed with his beard at every turn. Lauri's brief diversion as a Friend Of was a perfect way to cap her time on the franchise.

    I am temporarily stanning Kelly Dodd knowing that it will all go to hell very quickly but her being game to immediately jump in and start fighting with the other women has been electrifying so far. I'd say overall OC has been a slower watch but still very captivating if only for the dark sided energy emanating from every parent-child scene. Extra shout out to Vicki taking Michael to dinner to grieve her mother and him saying "well 83 years is a long time you can't really ask for more", Shannon's kids asking her husband how many wet dreams he's had, Lynne's daughters receiving the eviction notice and of course Briana outing Brooks as the disgusting cretin of filth that he is on the Season 8 (?!?!) reunion.

    And that's that! Rather than inundate the thread with updates like my Atlanta watch you can catch me clogging up conversations when I polish off Season 14 because I will have opinions on Vicki's final stand and Tamra's last season.

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  19. I hate Terry Dubrow so much. Everytime he’s on screen and speaks my skin crawls. He looks like a wicked witch of the west personified.

    I can’t wait till someone gets dirt on him! Send in Detective Meghan!
  20. Not you picking up on exactly what I love about OC (and that I also mentioned in my opening post in this very thread): Watching Vickie's soul rot in real-time and the dark undercurrent of the show itself.

    It's certainly not my favorite and its not the most entertaining franchise, but it has its own unique character that is unlike any of the others.

    Some of the other franchise feel like sister franchises (RHOSLC is very similar to the early years of RHOBH; RHONJ and RHOA are both similarly conflict-oriented; RHONY and Potomac play like sitcoms, etc.) but OC is definitely its own beast.

    I loved reading your write-up of what you have viewed so far. Kelly Dodd did indeed provide some much-needed life to the show but someone so chaotic is inevitably going to end up being a shit human being. They can't all be Kenya Moore.
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