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The Real Housewives of Potomac

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. You guys know Spanish.

    You don't.

    Gizelle's daughters won't let her breathe.
  2. Candiace really said "hey forehead, sorry if you thought I was body shaming you, fatty"


  3. Cute cover & title. I'm a couple episodes behind but of course the release of this coincides with her messy jumping out.
  4. When are we taking a cast trip to Surry County?
  5. How gorgeous does Mia look on WWHL? The season 2 glow up is going to be out of the world with her:

    Also she was correct with all her answers.
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  6. Ashley is looking gorgeous in her new confessional. Lqqk queen!
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  8. Realized with the most recent episode that Candiace probably has to bring it as hard as she does in the group scenes because her solo scenes with Chris are such an obvious low point in each episode.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    We need Dorothy!
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  10. Candiace's solo scenes have always been excruciatingly dull unless they involve Dorothy [and purses]. Even ChaCha and her hoverboard outsold.
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  11. I’m moving

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  12. I still cannot get over at how casual Candiace was at "I talk about your forehead all the time"
  13. The scream I let out at that cut.
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  14. Candiace has very little storyline, and what she does have isn't interesting or fresh. Can't see her lasting another season.
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  15. Consider getting your vision checked.
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  16. Candiace isn't going anywhere. She's a great component of the show. If we have to deal with Robyn's life coach storyline, then you Hamster Haters can deal with Candiace's beautiful voice and hilarious arguing skills.
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  17. That was beautiful. You did such a good job expressing yourself

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  18. Boring solo scenes does not a fired HW make!

    Candiace is such a great cast member. To me she feels extremely authentic, for better or worse–her messiness does not feel self-produced. She's certainly an interesting dynamic within the cast, and I think she's a firecracker when she just can't help herself.

    I think I give her a lot more grace than other viewers, she's just a really fascinating personality and person. She's been dynamic over the past few seasons, growing in some ways and regressing in others, but that makes her an interesting cast member.

    Also–and maybe this is clouding my judgment–I've come to the conclusion this week that Driveback is/was the song of the summer.
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  19. Candiace’s nightmare of a mother makes it clear why she is the way she is. She is a MESS who delivers hilarious reads, but there’s clearly some dark stuff beneath the surface, which gives her a compelling narrative. I can generally empathize with her because of that. Not that she deserves excuses for her messy behavior, but anytime Dorothy shows up it’s like “yeah… that makes sense”.

    Even if her solo storyline is boring this season, she’s essential in group scenes. I don’t think I’d get rid of anyone right now. Maybe bring in another friend or 2 to stir the pot. Make one of them Charrisse.
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  20. I've not fully watched season 6 yet just clips here and there but I am rewatching season 5 and just hit the fight episode. Shew still such a mess across the board.
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