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The Real Housewives of Potomac

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Wendy won't be satisfied until Gizelle reveals all the inner machinations of a reality TV show like the Real Housewives franchise. It's not fun to watch her try and unravel how the show is produced like...
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  2. I feel it's more She Had It,
    She Lost It for the Reunion
  3. I genuinely think Wendy is a good person and is far more intelligent than the rest of the cast...there's just a sense of desperation, a thin skin and inability to truly understand housewives that is her downfall.

    She needs to be kept on, that said.
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I’d rather watch Kurn than Porscha.
  5. Agreed. Karen is so watchable.

    But I’d really rather watch G get roasted by her daughters.
  6. Wendy is a shit "Housewife." The role depends on certain level of artfulness (Bethenny, Ashley, Tamra, etc.) or chaos (Danielle, Kim, Mary, etc.).
  7. I love Karen but I'd rather that they just give us an episode featuring her drunk phone calls that notably take place in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Wendy is taking L's like SHIIIIIIT. I actually see Candiace being more likable than her if she returns to being a mediator and not a vicious shit-talker next season. Wendy just seems so clueless.
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  9. Wendy's gotta go.
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  10. Wendy really thought that cardboard cutout of some iMessages and a folder with some sheets of paper (which actually proved her and Gizelle did talk on the phone) were going to be a moment. Everything she does feels rehearsed - like she’s trying so hard to be a housewife that she gets in her own way.
  11. I know it won’t happen, but the potential to drag the hell out of Nicki is right there, ladies. Asking Candiace to sing a cappella “without autotune”. Pot, kettle, etc.
  12. Oh Wendy! Completely cringing at her desperation to have a moment. It never lands.
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  13. I'm genuinely baffled by how poorly Wendy played this reunion. Maybe she heard she had "first chair" next to Andy and overthought it.
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  14. I hope Nicki comes back next year to host an episode. Get the sense the ladies thought her barbz had more power and clout then what they actually do; so they didn’t want to go hard on her in the reunion for fear of retaliation. Maybe they will in next weeks ep.
    Going after Queen Ashley as a working mother first up made me loathe her more.
    And as if anyone wouldn’t suck Juan’s wang. God bless Michael for saying what we all want to do.
  15. Credit where it's due, I appreciated G's apology considering how people (Ashley, Gizelle, Andy and Karen) give pass Michael for his disgusting self.
  16. Wendy is a chore to watch. Also, this reunion did not need to be a four parter.
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  17. “My husband has never been overtly sexual with anyone in this group”

    “I mean, he said he would suck Juan’s dick, so…”

  18. Wait?!? This is a four part reunion?!!? I had no idea! I assumed they were going to extend it for like 10 minutes to accommodate Nicki.
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  19. Beverley Hills felt unnecessary, whereas with Potomac… it’s not felt stretched out too much to me. Will have to see how next week goes.
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  20. I really didn’t enjoy this week’s part, mainly because of Wendy, as most of you are saying, but also... I generally really dislike it when they bring out the husbands. I basically only watch the Housewives when it comes to reality shows because I can’t stand men!
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