The Real Housewives of Potomac

I think Charisse deserves a MENTION in this thread for delivering one of the most iconic lines of this franchise:

"And what does he pay for? With his brown dick? What does brown dick pay for?"

I can't quote verbatim but that's the JIZZ of it.

RIP Charisse's stint on RHOP, you've been missed.
“Bareback is interesting

The Grande Dame has spoken.

I’m watching last nights episode now and it kills me whenever you get shaky camera footage and audio of a wife saying “they won’t be able to catch this conversation” when we can hear everything ddd.

So proud of Karen for serving everything to Ashley. As a victim myself, this shit just doesn’t get said enough when people act as if a dismissal is evidence of something not happening.
I actually fell behind on the show (I hadn't seen anything since New Orleans) but Monique's MIL's public apology, Gizelle saying "Robin has an investment property and it's going great for her! *cuts to the worst footage imaginable*", Karen walking into the sign at the psychic's place, and Gizelle and Candiace's lunch was funny. A much needed mood lightener for the Labor Day Scaries.