The Real Housewives of Potomac

Grande Dame vindicated... a blessing. This is seriously embarrassing for Robyn. Between her behaviour towards Wendy, filming the 'wedding' without the cast and months after production wrapped, admitting the cheating was true on a platform that's not Bravo and the allegations against Juan in that legal case.. I can see the Dixons not returning for season 8.

It's also worth noting that - if the cheating stuff happening during the pandemic is true - Robyn's storyline during that period was that she was depressed and unmotivated. Of course Gizelle's take on Robyn's mental health battle was don't let your hot man think you're lazy and unattractive!! when in reality it seems possible that Robyn was depressed because her second-time-around fiancé had cheated.. again. So I do feel bad for her. But to spend two whole seasons now faking the funk and allowing her buddies Gizzard and Forehead to make up the Chris Bassett is a predator storyline is not what I want from a Housewife.

She's in her Imperial Phase

She's right. And although Robyn says they'd already "worked through it" by the time of filming Season 7, I think had they been honest from the start about why the wedding was delayed, Robyn would have gotten a lot of support and it possibly could have been a genuinely interesting personal storyline to see her work through it and have the girls rally around her. Maybe they didn't want it on the show to protect the boys... but it's come out anyway via Karen, the blogs and now Reasonably Shady... what a waste.
So this season is gonna end after they had almost three back to back good episodes huh? They should've just started the season when stuff got going at the end and continued filming because the beginning and middle of the season was kinda nothingy.

I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT at Charisse stealing the lobster from Mia's plate and DEEP SPACE songstress saying she would've taken the first train out if she had an opportunity to leave Gollum. SCREAM.

This cast is GOLD. Nobody needs to be switched out or brought in.
I'm so happy Karen's been vindicated, the Grand Dame wins again!!! it's just a shame this tea came to the surface after the reunion filmed. I can't imagine Robyn will be let go but she loses either way. Either a "mutual decision" will be made that she leaves or she will have to address everything next season. The network will be pissed that she's attempted to cover this up, it's not a good look for her. I can't imagine they'll be happy she decided to get married off-camera either, it was said that Kenya got it in the neck for doing this.
Robyn being the most talked about cast member this year was not on my Potomac bingo card…

BUT I want to dedicate this post to Uncle Lumps Gorgeous Niece for her unwavering commitment to mess at all times. She’s flown slightly under the radar but it has been a glorious performance.
This coming out right after filming the reunion is hilarious. I get frustrations that Gizelle knew this and didn't speak up, but obviously their friendship goes beyond the show and she wouldn't say a word. For Robyn, it's really not her fault the others didn't get this tea and bring it up on the show. She still talked about their relationship/let the audience in, so I don't think Bravo will be too miffed. I'm sure all the women have things they're holding to themselves and will only discuss if it's brought up by a cast mate - that's across the franchise.

Chris is quickly veering into Patricia territory. Again, if Candiace had just laughed in Gizelle's face, then her feelings about the Chris interaction wouldn't have been a half-season long storyline.
I have a feeling it might be an open relationship but Robyn is not admitting to her part? That’s the only reason I can think of for why the EMBELLISHED CEO would openly embarrass herself with these expose.

They could also not want to admit it being an open relationship because of the kids. And how it’d look. So the Juan cheating route is easier to explain?
I think it’s a shame that women on housewives cannot engage in bicuriosity without it being turned into salacious gossip among the cast. On the flip side, I love Ashley and Mia’s continued openness about the fluidity of their sexuality.

If I have to hear Andy's stupid ass talk about the lady pond one more time...

Watching Candiace and Wendy just sit back and revel in their redemption while letting Gizz, Mia and Robyn dig their own holes this season has been so worth some of the boring nonsense this season has brought.
Does it ever end well when a Housewife chooses to become Producer of her life away from the cameras instead of infront of them?

I can't believe Karen was right when she started spouting off absolute nonsense in Mexico