The Real Housewives of Potomac

I hope it works out if they truly do bring everybody back. I enjoyed season 7, but I do wish they’d freshen up the dynamics a bit. It’s so predictable now because the lines are so clearly drawn.
...regrettably, Coffee & Love is stuck in my head. I do not like this. Please send help.

uR mY pArTnEr in cRiIiIiIiIiMe ♫
One of my favorite housewives bops and I have *Madonna voice* absolutely no regrets.

Three episodes in and I already feel terrible for Candiace. The way she handled herself at Ashley's "sit n' see" (straight people are wild) was extremely mature and level-headed but the way the others kept talking over her made me wince. Gizelle throwing the rock and hiding her hand is also starting to get super old nn
My dream scenario is for the new girl to gel with Candiace and Wendy, and for Mia to defect to this team since she's now friendly with Candiace. Let Ashley and Karen float between them and the GEBs. Flip the power dynamic in the group.

Reality: Nneka feuds with Wendy upon arrival to ingratiate herself with the GEBs, and Candiace/Wendy are further ostracised when they rightly press Robyn on her antics in-between seasons.
Monique's constant laughter in her confessionals at her own shitty jokes was honestly the most annoying thing about her but she made up for it by always delivering in the conflict department.