The Real Housewives of Potomac

"Sinister imp"

Gizelle just needs to stop letting her hater energy consume her. She could live a much better life if she just played the game and had fun. Like, imagine a show with her not thinking she gotta be as nasty as she is?!

Also Karen be reading Robyn TO DEATH. Candiace was me at the pool just kiki’ing. Karen will drag Robyn through the GUTTER and not think twice dd.
8 years on and Robyn is still, as Kurn would say….the dizziest b at the table.
You girls... They've got one bad season. Chill! BH has had like 7 bad seasons, Potomac will be just fine. All they need to do is give Eric Fuller the boot and find a new executive producer. They can't keep letting him ruin the best Housewives franchises.

Didn't they officially let him go recently anyway??

I've admittedly slipped behind again but the suggestion of cancelling this because of one bad season and one mid season last year after the unprecedented run of seasons 1-6 (yes, 1 is included intentionally!!) does not sit right with my spirit.
The season is terrible, but like RHOA it's way more a production issue than a talent issue. The cast is disjointed but I feel like with a stern talking to and the threat of being fired, they'll pull together. Karen, Gizelle, Ashley and Mia are probably the safest, with Robyn, Candiace and Wendy less certain. I like them all and don't want to see any of them leave. However, they need to trim the fat. Nneka seems like a nice girl but she's tedious. I don't need to see Charrisse or Jacqueline for some time, Keiarna seems like too little too late seeing as she's only really getting an intro 3/4 of the way into the season.
"You did that, or you went?"

I'm finally trying episode 9, and Mia torturing Robyn and None as they make pasta, gave us the best moment of the season so year, as was the Pave event.
These women have never been afraid to open up on camera about issues that are so important.
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The vibes are just rancid this series, and it's a mix of cast and production. No one particularly likes each other and they're making us watch them go to Top Golf in the Dominican Republic - truly hard times.
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