The Real Housewives of Potomac

Gizelle confronting you in the finale of the next series (if she's in it): "I have proof that you are, in fact, the internet troll known as M3G4N!"
I AM SCREAMINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! NOOOOOOO THIS IS all so hilarious because the only Bravo men I want to slide in my DMs are Apollo/Ralph/Mau. ANASJKDFNDK

I mean same, but working your way into the Grand Dame’s circle via socks and sandals would be a story
Lemme try to hustle a free Cameo from the Grand Dame!
@M3G4N you better hop on that or we're banning you, sis!!!

I gave @Mr.Arroz Nida-ddy so I should be protected!
I've just finished S5, which I absolutely loved, especially the reunion. (Have watched Monique's binder moment at least six times). But can I quit Potomac now, as I'd rather leave it on a high?

I adore Monique but she's gone, the only remaining RHOP HWs I actively like are Karen and Ashley, and I have zero interest in Robyn and Juan's relationship.

Bearing in mind that I'm only up to S8 of Rhony and haven't even started Atlanta or Married To Med...