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The Real Housewives of Potomac

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Now don't forget the ding-a-ling swinging across the Instagram.
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  2. This is the only US one that I have never seen. I think I’ll have to marathon it.
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  3. [​IMG]

    You are going to have to choose sides, though.
  4. SO I finished Season 4 just now and I love them all.

    Also a big fan of this tweet

  6. I'm coming in team Candiace. Let's see how this turns out nn.
  7. Yessss. 100% Team Candiace and Kurn, here. EveryWho? Beauty, indeed.
  8. I am HOWLING. I love you.
  9. YALL. Part of the fight leaked from a fan account

    This puts Porsha v Kenya to shame
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  10. Karen just walking away and white girl turning away nejibjofbrbewbnklv
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  11. The way the other girls could never.

    I’m so excited to go through this journey with you ladies.
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  12. I ain't no Basketball Wives but for Housewives, it's a cultural reset.
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  13. This fight is cute and all but let's not forget that Karen is debt-free and LOADED officially living in Potomac again!
  14. I’m only on the second episode of season 1. “The presence of your face repulses me.” Hahahahaha.
  15. I'm currently rewatching a season 4 episode and I just laughed so much it became a shriek.

    "Candiace is very emotional about her mother, she just got knocked upside her head with a purse."


    When are we having the discussion about Gizelle being one of the best housewives ever?
  16. Gizelle's new house is hideous!!! The awful rugs, the gaudy chandeliers, the shit sofa.. I hate her.
  17. Ddd what happened to the taste level this season cause most of the confessional lqqks were traquique
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  18. The premiere was EVERYTHING! I love these women so damn much.

    I swear the women of Potomac move EVERY season. Your salaries go up so y’all sign new leases? I can’t.

    Gizelle’s house is a MESS. Why is she driving around in Jamal’s GUCCI FIAT 500? I CANNOT. I also clocked that ALL of her daughters know her going back out with their father is some BS.

    We also have a new nickname for the devil: Cashbar Candiace. Broke bitch better call her momma to borrow some funds cause when you are on a Bravo show, hosting a non-charity event and it’s not an open bar? WHEW CHILE.

    Karen, the Grand Delusion. Hawking her perfume that is now available in your local Marshall’s clearance section. Her new home is cute for her though. I don’t like hearing she and Ray are having marital issues though.

    Ashley was a non-factor and we didn’t get much from the QAnon Queen Monique today either.
  19. I love Monique and can't stand Candiace (I can't believe someone so unprofessional and messy worked for Obama) but I really dislike violence and physical conflict on reality TV.
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  20. What in the H-E-double chopstix is going on!

    Fabulous premiere. So great to be back with this powerhouse cast (minus Robyn zzzz) and the editing choices were *chef's kiss* - I can't with the split screen of Candiace and the hamster.

    I'm ready to hate on Gizelle all season I've decided. Her taste has reached new lows with the decor of her 'cabin' and her getting back with Jamal is.. not it. When your tween daughters are dragging you for getting back with their own father it's time to reflect. She is deeply insecure and tries to cover it with bravado.

    Karen's storyline seems staged right out the gate but I'll wait to see. Not here for MLM/QAnon mommies Monique and Ashley. Keep your oils to yourselves. I love them both though

    Candiace is truly the Kenya Moore of this city and I am living for her. I'm so ready for how the season unfolds.
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