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The Real Housewives of Potomac

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. ...the racist??
  2. I don't "like" her nn but she consistently delivers and she is completely unhinged. I'd also rank Ramona, Vicki, and Tamra pretty high too, despite being awful people.

    I actually like Karen though, which is probably why I'd put her on top.
  3. According to teaofpotomac on IG, all the ladies have received offers back including Wendy. Filming of the new season will begin the 2nd week of January.
  4. I love how stable this cast is. All the other franchises changed casting dramatically by season 5, to have 4 OGs still into season 6 is quite a feat. I also don't feel fatigued by the cast at all like I did like on season 5 of New Jersey, they really struck gold with these women.
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  5. They also haven't had a dud cast member yet. I would be happy to see icons Charrisse Jackson Jordan or Katie Rost return should one of the other women leave, instead of someone new. The entire cast of Potomac housewives has been golden. I also love how Charrisse literally caused the drama for this season with the Monique cheating rumours which, when traced forward, led to the Monique and Candiace fight. Legendary.
  6. I just finished Season 3 and I finally feel like I get Karen Huger & all the love for her (not that I didn't like her before, I just understand the levels of reverence I always seem to see).

    I'm going into Season 4 and wow, this trailer at the beginning is action packed. Gizelle's 'Michael likes big butts, I cannot lie' confessional preview had me on the floor.
  7. Gizelle spilled some reunion tea
    that everyone is coming for her during most of the reunion and then she "loses it" on everyone for the last three hours of filming. She made it sound like she has a full-on breakdown. She did not speak about her behavior in a positive light.
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  8. I said months ago that I had a feeling Gizelle would be unmasked as the villain behind the events of this series.
  9. Karen saying she might unplug some holes......hahaha.
  10. Giselle: So for the holidays your dad is coming
    The kids: Why?

    JjabfjasasfAFJfsa they fucking hate their dad so much.
  11. Anytime Wendy has a solo scene.

  12. Karen doing the most holding a wig launch party at some run down strip mall.

    Karen bolts and runs for the door as soon as she gets clocked.

    Karen serving Oscar levels of acting when shoving Monique out the door cause she secretly told Candiace to arrive early.

    Karen basically FORCING everyone to watch that home-made video about her 'business' which was probably filmed 5 mins before the other gherls arrived.


    I don't know bout y'all heffas, but I have no choice but to STAN.
  13. The entire saga of Karen's party [in a closet] was just spectacular.

    "I payed the bill, FUCK YOU!"
  14. The way Karen realized she forgot to plug her packaging as she was heading out, and raced over to the cameras, interrupting the dramatic conversation currently taking place, just to make sure her branding got clear placement that could not be edited out...I don’t know a more narcissistic, selfish, shrewd businesswoman.

    Also the way she forced Monique to attend and proceeded to shove her out the door all of 5 minutes later, glass of champagne in hand, without giving any reason...the power.
  15. Everyone has pretty much heaped all the praise on Karen I wanted to so I’ll just drag Gizelle and Robyn instead.

    First, Robyn, sit your ass down. You JUST had to cough up 90k to the IRS because you “filled out your tax papers wrong” and you think you can afford a million dollar house? Hell, Candiace and Chris Bassett Hound just bought a million dollar house and I know their asses can’t afford that shit. Stick to your nice townhome and your leased Range Rover Velar and stop trying to stunt.

    Gizelle is just pathetic. I really feel bad for her daughters. They have been forced to go along with this charade that Gizelle is really back with their daddy and it’s literally the most embarrassing shit when he continually DOES NOT SHOW UP. The man chose a damn airport manicure over taking a family photo!!!! Get your head out of your ass and stop disrespecting yourself and making your daughters look at you like the idiot you are.
  16. I love all these women (except maybe Candiace and Four Degrees) so much even when they’re saying terrible things and making awful mistakes like getting back with that sleazy pastor or buying houses they can’t afford.
  17. Okay, but Candiace saying she released the wine glass at Monique in her statement still has me screaming.
  18. Also, Giliquidated still trying to come for Karen's businesses in her confessionals? The NERVE.
  19. Oh I forgot,

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  20. The couch.
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