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The Real Housewives of Potomac

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Monique has ruled this series if social media is any indication. Without her, the show is diminished. Her binder gets tweeted about more than Robyn. The fact she was vindicated publicly speaks highly in her favour. She'll be there next series, don't doubt it.
  2. The way I was more excited about part 2 of this reunion than any Housewives season I can remember? Maybe RHONY season 10 was the last? Anyways, it's a testament to the cast.
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  3. Monique is on attack mode this whole reunion, and while it is entertaining to watch, I think it will be to her detriment in the end. Monique has said on the season that she is remorseful and that Candiace didn't deserve it to everyone but the person she hurt, so it just looks bad on her in my opinion. I honestly feel like if she did say sorry at least once then there would at least some constructive dialogue between them, but she's just winding Candiace up with dismissive comments and she knows that. I feel like next season it'll either be Monique going or both her and Candiace.
  4. That was before Candiace pressed charges. After that all bets were off.
  5. I feel like it’s more of an excuse to not say sorry. Whether there were charges or not both sides should of apologized. If she doesn’t want to that’s fine. Just say she deserved it and I don’t care instead of coming up with pretty lame reasons ( I blacked out, I’m still trying to figure out how someone could make me do that, etc.) when asked about apologizing.
  6. I don't think she is in attack mode, I think they are trying to gaslight Monique at the reunion and she is standing her ground, with receipts.

    The way Robyn, Andy, Gizelle and others boldly lie about events, and then the producers show what Monique is claiming is true is more vindication than detrimental (even if she was 100% wrong for getting physical...)

    Also it bothered me a little for Andy to state a disclaimer about violence on Potomac, but he never did when there were physical altercations on other franchises like Danielle going after Margaret, Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga multiple times, Teresa Giudice actually got physical with Andy Cohen at a reunion, Adriana punched Joanna in the face on Miami, not a big deal.

    None of that is an excuse for Monique reacting the way she did, but please can they be consistent and not hypocritical.
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  7. I hadn't seen the T'Challa flying away story prior to watching the reunion.
    Not Monique serving:
  8. I don't get "attack mode" from Monique at all and that's a slightly problematic read, perhaps. She just seems calm and analytical about the situation.
  9. She's undoubtedly calm in her demeanour but is it unfair to say she's in attack mode? I suppose it ties into the convo about what language to use - but she clearly went into the reunion with an axe to grind (and if you're a Monique fan you'd surely agree with her doing so).

    She's massively benefitting of course from the fact that she has no worthy opponent here. To me, there's 1000 things you could come at her for, not least the way Chris treats her and the bottle incident. And yet that was just a small little jab from Candiace.
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  10. Honestly, these takes are so warped and embarrassing.
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  11. I don’t get attack mode from her but not calm either. I get intense, focused, and analytical. It’s just all coming on very strong. I don’t know if I’m describing what I’m trying to say right.
  12. Even if Monique feels that what she did was wrong and Candiace didn't deserve it, saying that on record to the victim then gives Candiace's case even more strength. So by apologising she basically gives Candiace a right to sue her and get her fined or arrested. It all becomes about legality once the court is involved.
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  13. Regardless of who she said it to, it felt like she only ever showed remorse when she was on the outs with the other ladies and felt like she needed to. Not once did it feel genuine, except maybe the scene with the therapist (I'm not imagining this?), and even then that set up was pretty contrived.
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  14. Candiace doing the most as per but the scores of people online stanning Monique for assaulting her are deluded
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  15. Ashley coordinating her pregnancies to be predominately during the off season so shes fighting fit to cause maximum mess during filming is the ultimate act of fan service and we thank her endlessly.
  16. You would think that, but Candiace still comes across worse than anyone on that stage not named Andy Cohen. The constant sniping is always shown against a CUT TO. Monique sitting calmly with her binder, waiting patiently. If Candiace upset someone powerful in production, I wouldn't be surprised. It's such an unflattering edit for her.
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  17. Robyn unintentionally dragging Charisse I’m screaming.
  18. Sis you can’t just throw out this read and not elaborate....

    I legit love you much on the forrem so I’m willing to listen to your perspective but this feels a biT unproductive.
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  19. Them not inviting her to the reunion was a massive mistake. She'd be the only one smart enough to have a counter-binder with her.
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  20. More or less this. I think the show’s treatment of Candiace has been unsettling and genuinely exploitative. The general reaction here and elsewhere feels ignorant and cruel too. We talk a big game about mental health and whatever here, yet more than a handful of you all have endorsed the idea she’s either overreacting, or worse, faking PTSD. We know she has a history of abuse. Her mom assaulted her on a prior season and then gaslit her on television. I can only imagine what it was like growing up in that household. Candiace’s actions—wrong as they are—make complete sense in that context, as does her reaction to the assault and the constant relitigation (edit: as would a PTSD diagnosis—take it from someone who has had one). Watching Monique, Karen, and now production gaslight her into thinking it was all her fault or that she deserved it is disturbing because that’s the common thought pattern of an abuse survivor (hence my exploitative comment). Like, no I don’t come to the Housewives for some enlightened progressive utopia or whatever, but the way the show has treated this specific instance and the public’s reaction to it has been illuminating in the worst way. It’s dark and it’s not enjoyable.

    All this to say, I’ve said my piece a couple times now and I’m honestly not interested in any more back and forth about it (for all of our sakes) so I’ll probably parachute from the thread for a bit.
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