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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Because people in the BH thread were complaining about the general thread being changed into it, as if they don't have the power to create threads themselves.

    I am the backbone of Popjustice!!!!!!
  2. I'm ready for my MLM, mormon queens to entertain us.
  3. I thought the general consensus was we will not award a thread to a particular franchise UNLESS they're deemed worthy...
  4. So where else are we supposed to talk about the unworthy franchises seen as Beverly Hills has taken over the general discussion thread?
  5. As a Utahunty consider me perchdt for this mess.
  6. There was a teaser tonight during RHOBH, apparently? I’m so excited!

  7. The teaser in question.
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  8. This is the best teaser/promo Bravo has put out in ages. Brilliant idea to have reps from the other franchises and it being like a Zoom meeting. Props to creative for that one. It was bittersweet to have Dorinda rep NYC though but living for Dorit being BH instead of Kim’s sister. Hopefully SLC gives us more Potomac and Season 2 Dallas and less...last season of Dallas.
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  9. Better quality:

  10. Dorinda... I’m not ready for her to be gone from Bravo.
  11. They had the balls to feature Dorinda in this?

  12. The ordacity of them using Richard's widow for that promo.

    Still, I love when Bravo gives us camp. And what it was, was camp.
  13. I wanted the new wife to join the call and try to recruit them all into an MLM.
  14. Or as a sister wife
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  15. These are the wives apparently.

    This account is pretty reliable by the way, they were actually invited to a premiere party for the show before the pandemic hit.
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  16. Heather Gay looks like a combination of Tinsley and Jackie.
  17. If an MLM isn't involved...I will be furious.
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  18. Not the Salt Lake City cast already being more diverse than any of the other US franchises. Didn’t see that one coming.
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  19. Using Dorinda in the promo was truly throwing some Himalayan blue stone salt in the wound.
  20. Trailer coming today apparently...
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