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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. About to dive into this.

  2. Jennie’s Christine Louboutins made me scream.
  3. This cast absolutely despise each other and it makes for riveting TV every week, this weeks was the best yet.
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  4. Every episode is iconic. We’re truly blessed.
  5. This episode was nuts. Mary is coming off so evil. Heather finally going up against Mary and Mary just cuts right through her with those responses. Lisa keeps trying to set so much up and then just acting like she did nothing wrong. And Meredith has just fucking had it.
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  6. I’m sorry I know Mary is evil, but I still adore her.

    Maybe I’m actually in her church as I’m typing this. She’s held me hostage in the basement. Please don’t send help.
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  7. Edu


    The fact that La Barlow doesn't know how to act when she gets caught because she fully believes that no one is gonna question what she's doing is very endearing ddddddd.

    I'm so confused....
    What's happening?
    What's happening, you guys?
    What are you doing?
    I am SO confused right now!

  8. At the end when she said Heather probably wanted to stay in Colorado to blaze her trails I screamed!

    I personally love Mary and the way she’s explained the cult rumors I find myself siding with her more than I thought. I do think Mary is spot on that it’s suspect that Heather is so intent to go in on Mary’s church, but is bending over backwards to defend Jen who has been charged with a crime. I also find it suspect that a bunch of Mormons have to audacity to call anybody’s church a cult. The Mormon religion is one of the biggest and most oppressive cults!
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  9. Another excellent episode of Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss Barlow! Obsessed with her oversized denim jacket and Diet Coke placed perfectly in shot for every scene of it.
  10. Don't forget the veeDUH tehKEEluh, hun!
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  11. Why is Lisa Barlow queen of my entire existence? She is producing the girls herself!! Whitney needs to stop getting her nose in her business!!1 a.k.a. figuring out what Lisa's plans are 10 seconds after they start.
  12. Also Heather is officially my least favorite cast member! Get rid.
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  13. Beauty Lab is the absolute worst. Mary was right ABOUT HER.
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  14. Whitney’s problem continues to be that she points out the traps and machinations everyone is doing, and then…?

    Like congrats, you figured out that Lisa can be two-faced! You are indeed smarter than a fifth grader, Jeff Foxworthy can give you a gold star. But what are you actually going to do to make that observation worthwhile as TV?

    Yelling “it’s a trap!” itself isn’t good enough. And it gets annoying when she does seemingly nothing but try to sniff one out so she can gloat about how smart she is in her confessional for identifying something she was desperately seeking.
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  15. "I was smiling for you, when she said "your first real bag", it was making me laugh, Heather!'

  16. Whitney is corny! She's the girl in class that would remind the teacher that homework is due.
  17. I'm not giving up on Whitney yet but she's not particularly fun at low stakes fights. She needs someone like Jen who will hurl a glass across a venue in retaliation, otherwise it's just a bit limp.
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  18. Uno


    Whitney is clever and great at spotting people's fakeness and low-ball attempts at drama. All she has to do is learn how to return the serve and she'd be great - she's got to get her hands dirty, too.
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