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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. I really thought Jen was going to win Best Line of the Episode with "they're all fighting over who said the worst shit about me" but Meredith ran away with "you've been screaming at me for 30 minutes straight and I really can't take it anymore."
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  2. Am I tripping? I love Meredith but I honestly couldn’t have rolled my eyes further back when she said that Jen “terrorized and traumatized her family for two years straight.” Like — girl. The dramatics.
  3. Especially since the terrorization is coming from inside the house.
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  4. This will come handy in the Ava, Ed & Demi threads.
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  5. I love that.
  6. [​IMG]

    I really like Jennie. I think she will find her footing on the next season completely and serve iconic TV.
  7. Bjork beginning the album cycle for Utopia.
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  8. I definitely see the potential in Jennie. Sunday’s episode was a great performance by her and I think we’ll continue to see her ascend from here on out if the previews are anything to go by.
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  9. I think something's wrong with me because I want to see Jen vindicated so bad. Maybe I'm just attracted to her family life because it's the opposite of what I had and what I always wanted.

    Is she for sure guilty? I haven't followed the case to the same degree as Erika's.
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  10. Every single person who was arrested has already been sentenced to prison time. They were lower on the totem pole. Jen and Stuart were at the top. Stuart flipped and took a plea deal and gets sentenced in spring. Jen has a trial starting in March.

    She is GUILTY.
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  11. I think it's entirely possible she didn't know what they were doing was illegal or THAT illegal for the feds to be involved -- similar to what the housewives have more or less said -- but still, that's not a good defense in court so I wish her the best dd.
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  12. I'll admit, she gives a very convincing performance and you almost believe she's innocent. With that said, the FBI have been investigating her for years to the point they even sent in undercover glam squads to get the tea. They wouldn't arrest her unless they were dead certain of what they were accusing her of is true.

    She's toast, I fear.
  13. The conviction rate of the federal government is terrifyingly high so she's toast.
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  14. Am I the only one who hasn't bought Jen's poor performance of being innocent? It is all crocodile tears to me - I don't think I've seen one single teardrop so far this season, just her trying to cry through her botox.
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  15. She was indicted by SDNY, which is one of the most notorious courts in the country. When they pursue something it's because they have an undeniable amount of evidence. It has a 99.8% conviction rate. There's no way she isn't guilty.
  16. What’s the likely sentence for Jen?
  17. Likely tens of years, if she doesn't reach a plea agreement. However, the assistant, who changed his plea from not guilty to guilty, could possibly face up to 70 years in prison.

    She faces a statutory maximum sentence of 30 years on the charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She also faces another 20 years on the money laundering charge. That's the worst case scenario. In all likelihood, even if she's found guilty, her sentence could be a lot shorter. If the courts determine Jen is guilty (I mean, the writing's on the wall), she would most likely get 5 - 10 years.
  18. Jen is 100% guilty, which is a shame because she is way more likeable this season than season one.

    And I don't believe it is ignorance, isn't Salt Lake the capital of these kind of schemes in the US?
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