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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Lisa, Jen, Meredith, Whitney, Heather and Jennie full-time with Mary, Angie and a new face as a third Friend Of would be great for next season. Jen will be out for season 4, at which point they can promote one of the Friends and add another new Housewife.
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  2. I'm in the minority here but I'm really going to miss Jen. I think she's hilarious and she's absolutely a criminal but she does genuinely love her family.
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  3. Which Teresa think-piece is this copy and pasted from?
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  4. ACTUALLY I think Jen and Teresa are both such an excellent contrast to the way Erika made a complete monster of herself in response to her legal issues.

    The fact that Erika has so many enablers around her only makes it more frustrating. She had not one iota of humility while Jen and Teresa, while also very disingenuous and self-victimizing in their own ways, at least demonstrated a single, performative ounce of remorse while Erika did all but take a hot piss on the wideaughx and orphaunx that went without.

    Erika also doesn't reveal truly anything about her life or herself, other than self-contained monologues. Teresa and Jen both overshare, sometimes to their own detriment, but it certainly makes it a more satisfying watch; to get a real glimpse into how they're living in light of the consequences of their (allegedly) criminal behavior.
  5. Has Jen shown any remorse though? She's maintained innocence throughout. Tre at least was remorseful that she didn't check what Joe was doing, or that she turned a blind eye, whereas Jen and Erika both have maintained that they did nothing wrong. The difference between the two I guess is that Jen has remorse for how 'the situation' is affecting her family, whereas Erika has only seemed to care about how Tom's deeds have affected her.
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  6. Yeah, I was more referring to remorse around the impact on her family. She's serving us Golden Globe nominated performance with the tears while Erika wasn't even giving us CW original movie.
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  7. Has any Housewife ever come back after skipping a reunion? I know Jacqueline came back like…later, but if Mary did indeed skip that is the nail in her coffin, for sure.
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  8. I almost c*me to this.
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  9. The only one I can think of is Luann coming back in season 11 after bailing season 10, but that was due to an entirely different set of circumstances.
  10. I’d even argue that Jacqueline was a unique circumstance because they’d never done a reunion for a previous season while filming the following season.

    Normally they get some time and distance between filming and the reunion to cool off and collect their thoughts.

    If Mary doesn’t show, I really think that means it’s a wrap for her.
  11. Andy referring to Lisa as “Baby Gorgeous” nn. if I didn’t hate him so much I would’ve laughed!!

    Also…. I can’t stop thinking of that Tik Tok sound “Omg girl queen, you look so vagina slay tonight, pop off pussy hat” without believing this is how Whitney and Heather greet any gay man they meet for the first time. For reference;
  12. I think they deleted it because it was getting a lot of attention. They basically let the cat out of the bag.
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  13. It's SO funny to me that she was on track to have an incredible redemption season and then got arrested by the FBI/Homeland Security essentially on camera. Just like... *chef's kiss*
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  14. Without Jen's arrest the entire season would've been incredibly boring, because it set a lot of other things into motion. 16-22 episodes of Meredith whining about "meye fAhmily" and "projecting, deflecting and lying" was already getting stale before it happened.
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  15. I’m late, but how are micro aggressions not racist? Or at least racially prejudiced? Like, I get that micro aggressions aren’t as severe as like institutional racism (though some people might debate that), but I don’t follow the logic that they’re benign.

    I don’t even care to “cancel” Mary, but it’s clear she has substantial racial prejudice, which, to me, is racist.
  16. I can’t say I’m surprised, I was half expecting Mary not to come back next season and this sort of confirms it.

    In this case they need to film another season pronto before Jen gets locked up! Parachute Angie in!
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  17. Racism comes from a place of power, something Mary does not hold in this majority white group, in this majority white town, in this majority white state, filming for a majority white production team for a show watched by a majority white audience. Microaggressions are daily comments and displays of behavior that are often seen by the perpetrator as compliments due to their own ignorance and are not blatant in a hateful approach to the point where they can be considered 'acceptable' by on-lookers, such as the entire group of women who sat there and said nothing about Mary's comments. They are "micro" because Mary is so daft that she actually thinks the offensive things she said about Jennie was complimentary rather than offensive. That's what differs her comments from objective racism that we've seen from countless housewives over the years. Her comments are from a place of ignorance (and I'm assuming not the best mental state but that's another story) not direct hate.

    Mary's comments are wrong and unacceptable but the same forum that calls utter trash like Ramona, Luanna, Bethenny, and Brandi Glanville top tier entertainment calling for Mary to be removed for racism is deeply uncomfortable. Mary's comments these past few weeks wouldn't even make a list of top 10 most racially charged things a housewife has said or done yet the reaction to it compared to what white housewives have gotten away with for literal decades at this point is very noticeable.
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  18. I said it then, and I'll say it now: Jen has been such a necessary and compelling asset to this show.
    She is a truly awful human who will stop at nothing (including sending herself to prison) for the sake of making good TV; I couldn't love her more.

  19. I'm guessing they're gonna try to get as much out of Jen as they possibly can.
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