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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Disastrous reunion looks provide me with such comfort.
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  2. He made one tracksuit.
  3. He glued a ribbon to a tracksuit.
  4. You're ruthlessly downplaying his achievements.

    He glued ten ribbons to ten tracksuits.
  5. His hired laborers did the gluing.
  6. Someone call the feds.
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  7. That's his Mom's job
  8. Being Lisa Barlow's friend is a reward in itself.
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  9. Page 130 is off to an excellent start.
  10. It's time to pull up the cissy f*g tweet/comment again.

  11. ...


  12. Wait. That’s the outfit she was wearing at the “who’s calling who a fraud? Love you baby, bye” dinner. Tonight’s episode is going to fire.

  13. [​IMG]

    I knew it looked familiar.
  14. I wonder how many episodes are left, usually trips are 2-3 episodes depending on the drama and they have one final group event after that. I'm gonna guess 3 (including tonight) and a 2-part reunion for a 22-episode season.
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  15. Mary's parents are being interviewed......and their viewpoint is not what I was expecting. This is going to be a very interesting discussion.

    Mary's cousin Dan also said the church was not a cult until Robert Cosby Sr. took over after her Grandmother died, so her family members stories are consistent.
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  16. Oh put me in the Jen Shah stan club. The "you're welcome" to Meredith at the dinner and walking away from the table to go and eat in the kitchen before the food has even gone out. Love.
  17. Everyone wanting Meredith to leave the show should be eating their words! Mary was a star tonight too. I'll miss her.
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  18. Jen is very in her “I have nothing left to lose” era and I’m kind of howling.
  19. Jen had me SCREAMING the entire episode. From the bus fight to her dragging Jennie, give her a raise to cover her legal bills tbh.

    Meredith's performance tonight was also iconic. She was giving us 1 iconic quote after another. Her family was TRAUMATIZED!!!!
  20. Next week is going to be intense too. I wonder what else is going on with Meredith that she said she was mentally going through it at dinner.
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