The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I found it actually baffling to see some of you flops switching on Meredith when it was just this season that she arrived at Vail, got the message of Jen's arrest, giddily got into a bathtub and stayed their half the episode, forcing the others to stand awkwardly in her bathroom and listen to her deliberating while she had some bubbles on her chin. Queen shit!

Also I can't believe Heather got center stage this season considering the performance she's giving. What's up with that?!
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The whole dinner was everything I wanted it to be. I thought Meredith handled herself well, seen as Jen, Jennie and Whitney were all coming at her with stuff. I did think it was about time someone corrected Jennie on a few things, I mean i’m pretty sure she’s still saying Meredith hired a PI on Jen even now so i’m not sure why she won’t take it in.

Jen was hilarious. Her delivery of “i’m not a fucking criminal JENNIE!” took me out.

I couldn’t help but watch the preview for next week and Meredith leaving the table only to keep coming back is what I want from her all the time. Also, Whitney brings up Jen sleeping with Meredith’s sidepiece next week AND after that dinner… Meredith, Lisa, Jen and Whitney all stayed in the Lisa’s bedroom. I love this cast!
I respect Meredith for standing firm in her distain for Jen and not flip flopping. It really does seem like all the women (except maybe Mary) are indeed scared of Jen. How Heather, Whitney and Lisa keep backing her up after all the things she done and said about them in maddening to me. Yes, Jen is going through a lot (due to her own actions ddd), but come on girls! Stick up for yourselves!

Oh wow, oh wow.

So Meredith comes back to the table for a 3rd time?! Iconic!
That last dinner scene, my god!

Oh wow, oh wow.

Meredith's "I have to laugh" is all of us at Weather actually believing Meredith had something to do with Jen's arrest because she didn't want to go on the bus rides from hell.

Also, it's crazy to me how some of them think Meredith is an awful person for hiring someone to look into the "threats" she was getting. Weren't they all getting strange messages? Weren't Whitney and Heather just on the After Show talking about how they believe both Jen and Lisa are in cahoots with all that stuff? Like, good on Meredith for actually doing something about it!
Meredith clearing Bad Weather by laughing at the suggestion she's responsible for Jen's arrest. Mother Marksist wins again! She also gets extra credit for being the only person (maybe aside from Jennie and Mary) who's not scared of Jen.

I am puzzled by Heather's presence on this show. Entertaining confessionals but says nothing on camera these days?