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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. It has to be something else. Neither Meredith or Seth have made a secret about seeing other people, Seth even made a joke about it during last weeks episode. The big shocker here is that Jen actually thinks she’s doing something with that “revelation”.
  2. It’s gotta be something between Meredith and Lisus Barlord.
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  3. Heather and Whitney feeding into Jen's narrative that...her two co-stars on Bravo are in a secret plot with the federal government, NYPD, and ICE to take down Jen for some reason?? They do not have a single brain cell between them.
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  5. Not Meredith reopening the door to laugh at Jen.
  6. Whitney and Heather are the shit stirrers, they drop bombs then sit back and watch the mess unfold, even if they are not usually at the centre of the conflicts.
  7. I am not a criminal, Jennie!¡!!!
  8. Jen Shah is such an unlikeable villain. She was a monster when she arrived on our screens in 2020 and she's a monster now. Watching her life fall apart while she manipulates her husband (who hates her) and children (who hate her) while her mother (who will soon hate her) liquidates her retirement over the fact that she was running a fraudulent "business" ripping off old people (who would hate her) is revolting. I hope in the next couple episodes and reunion that whatever goes down permanently destroys her (they all hate her). She's evil!!
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  9. All this might be true … but I’ve never enjoyed her more ddd.
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  10. This better be true.
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  11. Okay, she is evil and a monster and delusional and “revolting” as Meredith said no doubt about it. However, I still think she can be very likeable at times and is extremely entertaining. There’s a reason why there isn’t as much vitriol for her over Erika in the Housewives fandom, because Erika is nothing of the sort.
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  12. Jen isn't a good person but she is hilarious. When she said "Meredith's a piece of shit right now" so matter-of-factly fff it was so blunt I screamed.
  13. Meredith won that entire dinner scene, cleared every girl, laughed in their faces, looked like an icon doing it. Opening to door to laugh at Jen?! unjsnfjfjsnf. I don't know how the fanbase (and some of you in all honesty) aren't stanning after that. Mother Marksist comes through again!

    As for the Jen debate.. yes, she's extremely unlikeable and a truly monstrous, soul-lacking, morally corrupt human being but she's also great reality TV. (I just wish she'd stop shouting, my ears).
  14. This will be for an "open contract" aka heavily featured friend. I don't see them having her back full-time after dropping out the reunion.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. The way I spent the first 8 episodes dragging Mary, ready for her non-committed ass to be kicked off the show only to do a complete 180 by the end of the season and open to her accepting a friend role in season 3. Ah, the life of a housewives stan.
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  17. Ummm Mary won against Whitney at that dinner. Sorry, drags!!
  18. You barging into this thread to make your daily anti-Whitney posts, when the forum is very much in agreement that she's a key SLC player and very obviously orchestrated all of the mess at said dinner:

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  19. And you're welcome for my daily contributions, LITTLE GIRL.
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