The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

This will be for an "open contract" aka heavily featured friend. I don't see them having her back full-time after dropping out the reunion.
The problem IS with this, is that her non-attendance at the Reunion means that none of her issues with the other women are resolved, and they'll all just trickle over to next season, and be a rehash.
Obviously I want to see why her church has been boarded up, and the reaction to her mum's video etc, but, it's messy.
Obviously I want to see why her church has been boarded up, and the reaction to her mum's video etc, but, it's messy.
It was confirmed that her church has not been boarded up, and this was just an unfounded rumor. Services are not taking place in-person due to the COVID-19 numbers right now. Multiple Reddit users posted pictures of the church taken this week and it's definitely not boarded up at all; it has a sign reporting closure for COVID.

Mary also did a live video on Twitter yesterday and reported her, Jen and Meredith are all "good." She reported Jen reached out to her after she didn't show up for the reunion to see if she was okay. She also said Leah McSweeney ruined RHONY Ddddd.

Notably, she mentioned she "stepped up" her wig game and we would all notice if she was to return.
What a episode. Jen might be terrible but sure is entertaining. She is just bulldozing through everyone. Meredith is pushing it. I still like her, but there’s potential for her head to get to big and her to fall which I hopes doesn’t happen. It’s happened a lot in the last with others.
Me bopping to the Jen vs Meredith fight because I can't stand either of them

Meredith swaddling herself in that white blanket right before she verbally pulverized the other women, this fandom doesn't appreciate camp.

The kooky cousin antics of Bad Weather are giving strong BH teas at this point but I did appreciate Whitney working for her check this week. It was also another strong showing for Jennie: if she's delivering in group scenarios like this I have confidence that she will be able to course correct her solo scenes next season and give us less sister wife nonsense.
Meredith's logic-defying alliance with Mary and generally unforced errors the past few episodes have been frustrating when I look at her as a real person, but FUCK I am onboard with her as a cast member this year. Mess in the best way, always keeping me guessing!
Although, like most, I would have liked to have seen Meredith call out Mary for her comments, I understand why she didn’t. Like she said, Mary has been nothing but kind to her, whereas clearly she has issues with Lisa’s friendship with Jen, someone who, whether people believe it or not, has TRAUMATISED her family for two years!!!! And I guess in her mind, Lisa getting close with Jen is like a stab in the back. Whitney and Heather are an unbreakable alliance at this point and Jennie came on as Lisa’s friend. So it makes sense why she would gravitate towards Mary, who is the other loner in the group. Not saying she deserves a pass for being blasé with Mary, but I understand the logic.
Okay, she is evil and a monster and delusional and “revolting” as Meredith said no doubt about it. However, I still think she can be very likeable at times and is extremely entertaining. There’s a reason why there isn’t as much vitriol for her over Erika in the Housewives fandom, because Erika is nothing of the sort.
Oh don't get me wrong I love her as a character on this show.
The bizarre interstitial of Jen drunkedly rolling around on the bed and looking direct to camera was one of the most sinister things I've ever seen on a housewives show.
This reminded me of Jen literally throwing her champagne on Lisa and then making direct, evil eye contact with the camera. She is my favorite sociopath.

Also, Jen's hair extension laying by the pool like it had a Grudge against EVERYBODY.