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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. I





















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  2. Murilo said

  3. Uno


    Who even is that?
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  4. It's infuriating watching this and seeing Heather & Jen twist themselves in circles trying to make Meredith look like a monster for getting an investigator to see who was sending anonymous threats to her son... Like she very concisely explained at the dinner table it wasn't targeted at any one particular person, it was a broad investigation that involved everyone. Why are they so dense and desperate to paint it out like she's hiding something when she is just doing what she can to protect her family?
  5. The guy who stole a purse from Meredith's shop, but is pretending he didn't:
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  6. I believe he is the one who allegedly stole the bag from Meredith’s store.

  7. One word for this

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  8. The way they're able to mix the drama with the comedy. Top-tier housewives.
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  9. I love them fighting, but I really love seeing them all getting along and having a laugh.
  10. Jen was iconic this episode. #Don'tLockHerUp!
  11. If this is the episode opening minutes and then we get a flashback to how they got there....

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  12. This is giving me RHONY Berkshires season 10 and Hamptons season 12. Peak television.
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  13. I still hate Meredith (but love her on the cast) and I revel in your subtweets, gals!!! Jen handed her that moment on a silver platter. BStrong whomst??
  14. The fact that Jen threw her hair extension at somebody and it was a mere footnote in the episode really tells you how much this show is delivering the goods.
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  15. Wait wait wait… Jennie has been exposed as a racist Trump supporter?!
  16. Yep. A complete racist who hates Black people, just as I’ve long suspected. Nice to finally see the proof getting out there after being told I was crazy for picking up on all of her racist cues.
  17. Wait a minute.
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  18. For those who haven’t seen:

    Fucking horrendous! How did Bravo not find all this? They’re from 20 fucking 20! Apparently she’s deleting comments and blocking people on Instagram, which pretty much confirms that it’s her.
  19. Yup just found out about all that. A whole Trump loving, COP worshiping, embarrassing ass racist Facebook meme mom.
  20. Edu


    OH C'MON.
    This is infuriating. Can we ever trust these ladies? And those opinions coming from someone who's an immigrant and a person of color... Must be worms on the brain etc.
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