The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Wow, what an incredible disappointment. None of this will get to be addressed at the reunion, either, as it's just now emerging. I know Housewives aren't people we should be rooting for but it's disappointing as Jennie was easy to "root" for. Now she joins the Kelly Dodd trash collection.

This really is the darkest franchise.
For those who haven’t seen:

Fucking horrendous! How did Bravo not find all this? They’re from 20 fucking 20! Apparently she’s deleting comments and blocking people on Instagram, which pretty much confirms that it’s her.

Oh bloody hell, can we not have anything good????
"You know, I grew up in Long Beach, I know what to do. Take off my earrings, tie up my hair, bring it on girl,
Let's dish it out!"

This is now a Jen-nie stan account. She is the moment, and the best new housewife we've had since 2020.

Well this aged like dog shit
Full Time: Meredith, Lisa, Jen Shah, Whitney, Heather, Angie, new cast member

Open Contract / Friend: Mary

They've been speaking to potential newbies for months now. Keep the group at 7, bring in Angie full time to stir up our lordt and saviour Lisus Christ and introduce a new trailblazing housewife to help take things into a new era as Jen begins to phase out of the show. Keep Mary around for cast events and trips.