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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Wow, what an incredible disappointment. None of this will get to be addressed at the reunion, either, as it's just now emerging. I know Housewives aren't people we should be rooting for but it's disappointing as Jennie was easy to "root" for. Now she joins the Kelly Dodd trash collection.

    This really is the darkest franchise.
  2. I didn't expect this. It's so disappointing that she would have these disgusting views.
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  3. I mean.. Angie is right there. Give her Jennie's snowflake!
  4. It's all bad but some of it feels particularly dark sided in a way that speaks to something deep rooted.

    I guess it's time for the Stangies to rise!
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  5. Oh bloody hell, can we not have anything good????
  6. Jeez, what a moron. If she was a contender amongst the cast it would be one thing but as it stands... bin it.
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  7. Doesn't shooting start in two weeks? @BravoAndy hire Angie or else!!!!
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  8. Fuck Jennie, she better not get a snowflake next season.
    The way I was watching the last episode with a friend yesterday and we both said she gives Trumper vibes. Well.
  9. Those posts are vile. It’s clear now that her behaviour towards Mary was motivated by racism (not that her anger at the slanted comment wasn’t justified, the energy she had towards Mary prior to that).
  10. hire angie
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  11. Rise up Angie rise this is the beginning!
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  12. Time for the Stangies to put your Little Paulsons UP!!
  13. Well this aged like dog shit
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  14. Full Time: Meredith, Lisa, Jen Shah, Whitney, Heather, Angie, new cast member

    Open Contract / Friend: Mary

    They've been speaking to potential newbies for months now. Keep the group at 7, bring in Angie full time to stir up our lordt and saviour Lisus Christ and introduce a new trailblazing housewife to help take things into a new era as Jen begins to phase out of the show. Keep Mary around for cast events and trips.
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  15. I’m beyond DISGUSTED!

    What a fucking joke. Does this mean Kween GodLisa Barlow is a Trumpster too? FUCKKKKK.


    Also the girls are GATHERING her in her latest Insta post comments.
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  16. Lisa is next, I fear. Let me usher in my Sheree era a little earlier than planned incase anyone checks me, boo.
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  17. @teddienono: "Johnny Punani is a Fairweather Stan and rewrites history all the time!!"

    Me: "No I'm not."

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  18. On top of being a racist piece of crap, she’s beyond stupid. You’re getting cast on a show watched by millions [citation needed] and you’re not taking those posts down? Okay girl… I’m glad she didn’t though, I was starting to like her.
  19. The way Porsha's well-documented downfall has been getting significantly more overall viewers than Salt Lake City, despite all of the press and drama going on. Maybe it is true Pop Justice after all! People get to see who Porsha really is and racist scum like Jennie doesn't get to launch a television career.
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  20. Wait she literally posted a WHITE LIVES MATTER meme. Girl — I —
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